Fields of research:
Primary: Development Economics
Secondary: Labor Economics

Reevaluating Agricultural Productivity Gaps with Longitudinal Microdata,” with Joan Hicks, Nicholas Li and Edward Miguel (revision requested by the Journal of the European Economic Association), NBER working paper ( 
Online Appendix
Featured on VoxDev

Featured on VoxDev

Migration Choice under Risk and Liquidity Constraints,” (submitted) working paper

“ Immigration and its Effects on Crime, Violence and Social Unrest,” with Brian Feld, working paper (draft available upon request)

Income Shocks, Marriage Timing, and Migration: Evidence from Indonesia,” with Sylvan Herskowitz, working paper

Selected works in progress:

        Individual and Social Learning in Agriculture, with Jeremy Magruder


Reports and reviews:
“Drought-tolerant rice in Eastern India - Diagnostic report prepared for the Standing Panel on Impact Assessment,” 2013, with Alain de Janvry
Understanding Attitudes Towards Migrants: A Broader Perspective,” Human Development Research Paper Series, No 53, 2009, with Jeni Klugman