Cu Tantu Si Cala


Our proud Zia Angelina, Aunt Angie on Moore Street,

lover of fine cuisine cleanliness grand opera

carried herself like a duchess

always well-dressed imperious she often said,

“Cu tantu si cala ‘u culu si para”

If you bend too low your ass will show

she knew that when you bow low

trying to please

kowtowing to others to curry favor

your rear end juts into the air

a stiff kick’s target

Aunt Angie advised us to take credit for accomplishment

toot our own horns brag a little bluff a little

stand tall at work or at home

scrub brush, dishrag, computer, pen, spoon, shovel,

hammer, cleanser, broom, pot, pan

all worthy tools

no task too menial it does not have value

Aunt Angie taught that abusers are rampant

mistaking humility for weakness

be generous be flexible be proud

let no one take advantage

acknowledge smile laugh

one can be regal even with a toilet brush as scepter


Cu tantu sic ala ‘u culu si para

If you bend too low, your ass will show.