The Good For the Good

21 Poems

by Maria Fama, Linda Pizzi, Albert Tacconelli


This first chapbook from Rosa Press features Italian American poets Maria Fama, Al Tacconelli and Linda Pizzi. In this little volume called 21 Poems, we hear a chorus of voice--each distinct unto itself but harmonizing with the others offering us a reminder that all is sacred – dogs, crickets, friendship, graying hair, and our ancestors. These stellar poems are trails of breadcrumbs offering us wisdom on how to live our own lives more fully. Janet Mason

Other Nations: An Animal Journal

Jun 24, 2017


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"Ms. Famà’s latest collection of poetry, “Other Nations,” is more than merely beautiful evocative poems about her love and appreciation for the animal kingdom. It’s common to anthropomorphize animals, especially our beloved pets, but this not what this collection of poetry is about.

In telling her stories, she reflects her truth that all animals-human or nonhuman-possess innate essential being worthy of respect for their place in the natural order and society. She overcomes human hubris and our disconnection from our animal cohabitants and in doing so allows us to reconnect with ourselves and our own sense of place. This point of view is not unique; however, Ms. Famà is able to communicate it in her unique rhythmic, sometimes jazzy, voice that deserves a place alongside indigenous and Taoist traditions."

Burt Kirson

"Animals in Maria Famà’s poetry interact with us in such a way that they express our deep appreciation as well as our neglect and carelessness for animals in nature and in our culture. Her poems are written with love, reverence, and wisdom for animals in our lives and in nature. They foster the sentiment that we all benefit when we learn to coexist and respect our places on our planet. Those who care about nature and literature will appreciate this collection."

Terri Kirson

Maria Famà's poetry takes us into the hearts and souls of animals -- domesticated, feral, captive, free. Her poems challenge the notion that animals are on this planet solely for humans to use and exploit. Instead, the poems recognize the individuality of each animal with the view that animals are, as the naturalist Henry Beston saw them, "other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth."

"Maria Famà writes about the universal force of love that runs deeply through her rich Sicilian veins. The Black Madonna of Tindari is the archetype that weaves through her tapestry of poetry. These poems are like miniature works of art, and evoke love, family ties, struggle, mysticism, courage and healing."—Mel Brake

Poetry. European American Studies.

"LOOKING FOR COVER is Maria Famà at her best. Her poetry is a lyrical invitation to a world that is richly and sensuously detailed, where everything is honored - most notably the timelessness of the ancestors and our own lives as we revisit ourselves" - Janet Mason.

A graduate of Temple University, Maria Famà is the author of four other books and has been published in numerous literary journals and anthologies. Maria Famà is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Aniello Lauri Award for Creative Writing (2002 and 2005), the 1994 Dream Images Poetry Award, and the Amy Tritsch Needle Award for Poetry, in 2006.



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