Assistant Professor of Finance
Lundquist College of Business
University of Oregon, USA

Professor Chaderina's research interests are in the area of corporate finance and financial frictions. Her current research focuses on the issue of liquidity, as related to the problem of fire-sales of financial assets, investment policy by mutual funds, dynamic use of maturities and leverage adjustments by firms, as well as a discretionary use of covenants in credit lines by banks.   Her work on the heterogeneous expertise of traders on Wall Street and exaggeration of volatility it generates was published in the Review of Asset Pricing Studies. 

Chaderina earned a PhD in Finance from the Tepper Business School at the Carnegie Mellon University. She also holds a BSc degree in Economics (first class honours) from the University of London. 

Recent academic appointments:
Jan 2019-May 2019 
Visiting Assitant Professor of FinanceTepper School of Business, 
Carnegie Mellon University

August 2013-July 2019
Assistant Professor of Finance
WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

Resume (CV)

Recent Professional Activities:
  • Coordinator of VGSF seminar series 2015-2018.
  • Co-chair of EWFS 2017 conference.
  • Discussions: 2019 - Cavalcade, FIRS,  2018 - EWFS, EFA, 2017 -EFA, FMA; 2016 - Sonoran ASU, FIRS, EFA.
  • Committee Member: 2019: WFA, EWFS, EFA, UOregon, 2018  - EWFS, WFA, EFA, 2017 -WFA, FMA,  
  • Recruiting committee member (2015-2018).
  • Presentations: 
      • 2020 - AFA.
      • 2019 - AFA, Tepper CMU, CMU-Pitt-UPenn, MidWest FA, FIRS, Gerzensee AP, FMA.
      • 2018 - HEC Lausanne BB, FIRS, ESSFM/Gerzensee, University of Oregon, Women in Finance. 
      • 2017 - ESSFM/Gerzensee, CMU BB, FTG Summer School, BI Oslo BB, ICEF Finance. 
      • 2016 - FDIC/JFSR Banking Conference, ESSFM/Gerzensee.