Postdoctoral fellow
MIT Sloan School of Management
Cambridge, MA
office: E18-425
email: mavella@mit.edu

About me

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Sloan School of Management at MIT, hosted by
Roy Welsch. I recieved my PhD in Statistics in 2016 from the University of Geneva, where I worked under the supervision of Elvezio Ronchetti. I hold a Bachelor degree in Economics and Master in Statistics from the University of Geneva. During my PhD I had the opportunity to visit Jianqing Fan for the spring term 2015 at Princeton University.

Research Interests

My main research interests lie at the intersection between robust statistics, high-dimensional statistics and machine learning. In a nutshell, statistical models are useful approximations to reality that are built under certain assumptions and are theoretically justified by the properties they enjoy. I am particularly interested in understanding the robustness properties of modern statistical procedures when the assumptions upon which the model is constructed fail to hold. Other areas of interest include bootstrap inference and higher order refinements for parametric models.