Marc K. Chan
University of Melbourne

I am an associate professor of economics at the University of Melbourne. My main areas of research include labour economics, public economics, and applied econometrics.

A major part of my research concerns the impact of the welfare system and related social programs on choice behaviour. My research also focuses on combining theoretical and empirical quantitative approaches to economic problems related to public policy.

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*Click here for the STATA package that implements PCDID estimation (based on our paper here)*

Selected Research Papers:

[1] A Dynamic Model of Welfare Reform 

Econometrica (2013)   (link to paper)

                    Keywords:  Welfare reform, Earnings subsidy, Female labor supply, Multiple program participation, Structural estimation

[2] Who Receives Unemployment Insurance? (with Marios Michaelides and Sisi Zhang)

Research in Applied Economics (2014)   (link to paper)

                    Keywords:  Unemployment Insurance, Administrative data

[3] Capital Account Liberalization and Dynamic Price Discovery: Evidence from Chinese Cross-Listed Stocks (with Simon Kwok)

 Applied Economics (2016)   (link to paper) (publisher's site)

                    Keywords:  Capital account liberalization, Cointegration, VECM, Cross-listing

[4] Welfare Dependence and Self-Control: An Empirical Analysis

Review of Economic Studies (2017)   (link to paper) (publisher's site) (online appendix

                    Keywords:   Welfare dependence, Hyperbolic discounting, Commitment device, Time preference, Policy experiment, Structural estimation

[5] Risk-Sharing, Market Imperfections, Asset Prices: Evidence from China's Stock Market Liberalization (with Simon Kwok)

Journal of Banking and Finance (2017)   (link to paper) (publisher's site)

                    Keywords:   Stock market liberalization, Risk-sharing, Market imperfections, Asset pricing

[6] Connecting the Markets? Recent Evidence on China's Capital Account Liberalization (with Simon Kwok)

Economic Modelling (2018)   (link to paper(publisher's site)

                    Keywords:    Liberalization, Law of one price, Cross-listed shares

[7] Measuring the Effects of Welfare Time Limits

Journal of Human Resources (2018)   (link to paper) (publisher's site)

                    Keywords:   Welfare time limit, Policy experiment, Reduced-form vs structural models, Dynamic panel data

[8] Life-Cycle and Intergenerational Effects of Child Care Reforms (with Kai Liu)

Quantitative Economics (2018)   (link to paper(publisher's site(online appendix

                    Keywords:    Female labor supply, Child care reform, Fertility, Cognitive development of children, Structural estimation

[9] Welfare Reform and the Labor Market (with Robert Moffitt)

Annual Review of Economics (2018)   (link to paper(publisher's site)

                    Keywords:    Welfare reform, Labor supply, Earnings subsidy, Childcare reform

[10] Unintended Consequences of Supply-Side Cost Control? Evidence from China's New Cooperative Medical Scheme (with Guohua Zeng)

Journal of Health Economics (2018)   (link to paper(publisher's site

                    Keywords:    Public health insurance, Cost control, Fee limit, Inpatient health care
                                                        (Note: Funded by the National Social Science of China.)

[11] Unemployment Duration, Fiscal and Monetary Policies, and the Output Gap: How do the Quantile Relationships Look Like?  (with Akbar Zamanzadeh, Mohammad A. Ehsani and Mojtaba Ganjali)

  Economic Modelling (2020)   (link to paper  

        Keywords:    Unemployment duration, Quantile regression, MCMC

[12] The ATO Longitudinal Information Files (ALife): A New Resource for Retirement Policy Research (with Cain Polidano, Andrew Carter, Abraham Chigavazira, Hang To, Justin Holland, Son Nguyen, Ha Vu and Roger Wilkins)

  Australian Economic Review (2020)   (link to paper  

        Keywords:    Retirement income, Taxation, Private pension, Tax-register data
                                            (Note: Funded by the Australian Research Council Linkage Grant. Partner: Australian Taxation Office.)

    [13] Cream Skimming: Theory and Evidence from Hospital Transfers and Capacity Utilization (with Ou Yang, Terence Cheng and Jongsay Yong)

    Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2020)   (link to paper(publisher's site) 

                        Keywords:    Cream skimming, Hospital transfers, Capacity utilization, Mixed private-public hospital system
                                                              (Note: Funded by a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Partnership Grant and in collaboration with the Victorian Department of Health.)

    [14] The PCDID Approach: Difference-in-Differences when Trends are Potentially Unparallel and Stochastic (with Simon Kwok)

      resubmitting to JBES   (link to paper(online appendix)  

            Keywords:    Principal components difference-in-differences, Interactive fixed effects, Factor-augmented regressions, Treatment effects, Parallel trends

    [15] Minimum wage and Employment in the U.S: Is There a Tipping Point? (with Akbar Zamanzadeh)

       (link to paper  

            Keywords:    Minimum wage, Employment, Continuous threshold regression, Regression kink, MCMC

    [16] How Effective are Matching Schemes in Enticing Low-income Earners to Save More for Retirement? Evidence from a National Scheme (with Cain Polidano, Ha Vu, Roger Wilkins, Andrew Carter and Hang To)

      (link to paper)     

                        Keywords:    Private pension, Government matching schemes, Retirement income, Aging population, Tax-register data
                                                             (Note: Funded by the Australian Research Council Linkage Grant. Partner: Australian Taxation Office.)

    [17] Income and Saving Responses to Tax Incentives for Private Retirement Savings (with Todd Morris, Cain Polidano and Ha Vu)
                        Keywords:    Tax concessions, Retirement saving, Taxable income, Labor supply, Tax-register data
                                                               (Note: Funded by the Australian Research Council Linkage Grant. Partner: Australian Taxation Office.)

    Note: Some papers have new drafts and some are not listed. Please email me for more information.