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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 
School of Biological Sciences, 
University of Reading, Whiteknights,
Reading, RG6 6AS, UK


General research interests (more here)

Human impact on the world’s ecosystems is leading to a widespread and accelerating loss of biodiversity. As a scientist I am interested in predicting future losses and developing strategies to halt them. My approach to understanding and predicting the current loss of biodiversity has focused on the role that a species’ life-history, ecology and behaviour, as well as the natural and anthropogenic conditions in which it lives, have on its population dynamics. I address questions such as: Can we identify global predictors of extinction risk? How does individual variation within a species affect population dynamics? How can we use this information to assess conservation status and implement effective management strategies? I have worked on a variety of animal species, primarily mammals, using diverse analytical and modelling approaches. Ultimately, I want to address important issues in ecological theory and to apply academic science to decision tools and effective wildlife conservation practice.