About Me

Before joining the PhD programme at the LSE, I obtained a BA in Political Science from Vilnius University (2009) and an MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2010). 

I am primarily interested in game theory, its epistemic foundations and applications in social and behavioural sciences. More specifically, I am interested in `puzzle' games – interdependent decision problems where classical game theory either singles out or fails to rule out outcomes which are difficult to justify as strategically optimal. I believe that, in order to deal with these difficulties, game theorists should consider alternative models of strategic deliberation –  those which go beyond the standard assumptions of best-response reasoning. I also believe that game theorists can benefit from listening to what philosophers and social scientists have to say about rationality and real-world human decision-making.  

Outside my primary area of expertise, I am interested in decision theory, philosophy of economics, philosophy of the social sciences, microeconomics and behavioural economics.