Research Group

Prospective students at AMSS: If you are interested in doing research with me, please contact me with your CV, grades and statement of purpose, and please make sure to indicate your level of knowledge of commutative algebra & algebraic geometry, i.e. courses you have taken and books you have read (in general, I will expect you to become comfortable with these subjects during the first 1-2 years, say, on the level of Eisenbud & Hartshorne, respectively, even if you are interested in applications).


From ShanghaiTech

Tianjiao Ding (undergraduate student 2017-2018, research assistant 2018-2020, then PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)

Liangzu Peng (masters student 2018-2021, then PhD student at Johns Hopkins University)

Boshi Wang (undergraduate student 2018-2020, then PhD student at Ohio State University)

Yifan Wang (undergraduate student 2017-2018, then PhD student at the University of Washington)

Sihang Xu (masters student, 2020-2022)

Yunchen Yang (undergraduate student 2017-2018, masters student 2018-2021, then perception fusion engineer at TuSimple)

Yunzhen Yao (visiting undergraduate student 2017-2018, masters student 2018-2021)

Xinyue Zhang (masters student 2019-2022)