More negatives

Here are some images of the Mandelbox with scales between -1.1 and -1.35, with a minRadius (r) value of 0. Of course, we could call these the positive mandelboxes if we like, just with a flipped around formula, negative is just convention.

A desert scene by Jesse using Mandelbulb3d, notice the hazardous holes

If you fall down one you could end up in this subterrainian spooky hollow:
Higher resolution images here

These are by rrrola using the superb and lightning fast boxplorer.
similar to kleinian group 'indra's pearls' fractals:

This one has similarities to circle packing:

The number of sub-branches here follows the fibonacci sequence:
more hi-res shots by rrrola here

This shot by bib reminds me of bubbles on a water surface, a bit like Newton fractals:

Below are reverse images by Trafassel where the solid is outside the set, typically harder to render. Scale -1.1.
This is like a 3d version of the image above

This is a fuzzy tree of spheres that reminds me of the Quasi-fuchsian fractal. They both show fractal disks along their outlines

I guess you could call this a scorpion tail, a great example of spirals in 3d