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I am a computational/theoretical condensed matter physicist and a postdoc at Rutgers. Before I was a Yale-IBM postdoc in the department of Applied Physics at Yale University.  My research is mostly based on the first principles approaches using high performance computations. I try to understand the behavior of electrons in different classes of materials like high temperature superconductor (Fe-based), topological insulator, ferroelectrics, nano-scale devices, two dimensional materials by predicting their electronic, magnetic, optical, and structural properties. To capture physics of a wide range of phenomena and materials, I  use various theories and computations ranging from ab-initio molecular dynamics to density functional theory (DFT) to the dynamical mean field theory (DMFT). Most of my recent works are based on methodologies that go beyond the limit of conventional DFT. I am also engaged in software development for a new high scalable open-source ab-initio software, called OpenAtomto enhance capabilities for excited state calculation based on GW-BSE approach.  

Contact : 
email: subhasish.mandal@rutgers.edu
phone: (+001) 906-370-9505


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