There is no charge to use our service for recycling cooking oil. Used vegetable oil collections in Salford and surrounding areas.

  • No Fuss - No Bother
  • No Messy Transporting For You To Worry About
  • No Potential Health or Environment Agency Problems From Accumulated Used Cooking Oil
  • No Vermin or Storage Problems

We can save you money and mess by collecting your used cooking oil in the containers which it arrived in, or in containers we can supply free of charge.

We provide a quality cooking oil disposal and recycling service you can trust:

  • Whenever You Need A Pick-up It's Just A Phone Call Away
  • Regular and Reliable Collections
  • Safe, Clean and Efficient
  • Waste Transfer Notes Provided To Prove You Disposed Of Your Waste Vegetable Oil Legally

Please Note: We only collect liquid oil that is not badly contaminated with water i.e. left out open in the rain.

It's Clean and Simple

Pour your waste vegetable oil back into the original containers or the ones we provide, replace the lids tightly and store in a dry area. Contact us to arrange pick-up usually within 24 to 48 hours.

We will arrange a collection at a mutually convenient time or we can set up a regular schedule so you don't have to worry about it, we will contact you. We offer a reliable cooking oil disposal and recycling service you can trust, pick up times and frequencies tailored to suit your needs.

Is Our Service Legal?

Yes! Our service is fully compliant with waste management legislation, we operate our cooking oil recycling within the guidelines set by the Environmental Agency and HMRC which requires a traceable record of waste cooking oil disposal. We will issue you with a Duty Of Care Waste Transfer Note to prove your business complies with current UK legislation

We Care About The Local Community And The Planet!

We are not a faceless big nationwide collection agency, we are based in Salford and aim to serve the local community recycling waste cooking oil in Manchester. We want to do a little to help reduce pollution so we process and treat the vegetable oil to make biodiesel. In fact you may have provided us a meal prepared in the cooking oil we are taking away!