MazezaM is a puzzle game that I invented in 2000 (first published in 2002). Its name is pronounced "may-zam".

The rules are very simple: The goal is to get the character from the left of the mazezam to right. The character can slide the rows of blocks left and right by pushing them.

You can play MazezaM in your browser (thanks to Stephen Lavelle's awesome PuzzleScript):

MazezaM versions:

Over the years since its release, MazezaM has been remade numerous times. Here are the versions I know of. Get in touch if I've missed one.

 Year Screenshot  Links Notes
 ZX Spectrum   
 Malcolm Tyrrell
 World of Spectrum The original version with 10 hand-created levels.
 Java Malcolm Tyrrell
 2002   Java Applets were how you did it back then. Superseded by The MazezaM Engine in 2008.
 Amiga Ventzislav Tzvetkov 2003  Ventzislav's page 
 Apple ][
 Ventzislav Tzvetkov 2004  Ventzislav's page 
 Commodore 64
 Ventzislav Tzvetkov 2004  Ventzislav's page 
 Gameboy Ventzislav Tzvetkov 2004  Ventzislav's page 
 Oric Atmos
 Ventzislav Tzvetkov 2004  Ventzislav's page 
 Nintendo SNES
 Ventzislav Tzvetkov 2004  Ventzislav's page 
 CP/M Ventzislav Tzvetkov 2004  Ventzislav's page 
 Coleco Vision/Adam
 Ventzislav Tzvetkov 2004  Ventzislav's page 
 Malcolm Tyrrell
 2006  Rockbox homepage Rockbox is firmware for Digital Audio Players. MazezaM is a default plugin.
 Java Malcolm Tyrrell
   "The MazezaM Engine": a Java application which supports MazezaM and some other similar games.
 MacOs X Ventzislav Tzvetkov 2009  Ventzislav's page 
 Flash/ActionScript Rob Pruntel
 2009  Rob's page Using sliding Japanese screens is a great idea!
Unexpanded ZX81 Malcolm Tyrrell
Competition page
 For this version, I improved the original levels and created many more for a full set of 30.

This version won the 1k category of the 2010 minigame competition
 Javascript SDW Developments
 Windows Glass Fractal Software
 TI-83/84  Glass Fractal Software 2011 
 BBC/Electron Glass Fractal Software 2011 
 Linux / Mac
Glass Fractal Software
 DOS Glass Fractal Software 2011 
 GP2X Glass Fractal Software 2011 
 Nintendo SNES
 Alekmaul 2012 Winner of the Neo Retro Coding Compo 2012. This can be purchased as a cart.
 Atari 8-bit
 XXL 2012  Announcement Came fourth in the
ABBUC Software Contest 2012
 Puzzlescript Malcolm Tyrrell
Play now
 Puzzlescript generates javascript which can run in your browser.
 Gameboy Advance
 Alekmaul 2013  Announcement 
 Android Arslan Megidov
 2014 Released under a different name ("Rote"), with originally no attribution or credit given to me as game or level designer. It now does credit me, although I'd really rather it cited MazezaM directly.
 Alekmaul 2014
 Announcement  This can be purchased as a cart.
 Windows phone
 Released as "Rote". See Android version above.
 Mazezam-UnixStephen Takacs  2015  
 Can't find a link, but there's a YouTube video.
 Windows/Linux (via love2d) Nilq 2016 "notveryegg", but does acknowledge itself as a MazezaM remake.
 ArduboyAster Greenblatt  & Aaron Williams 2017 
 Kevin Dorland
 Windows / MacOs / Linux Rocket Monster Games 2018 
 Liko-12 Pedro Gimeno 2018 This port is part of the standard Liko-12 distribution
 LowRes Coder Cclx33 2018 
 Intellivisionpostpostdoc 2018 4th in the IntyBasic Programming Competition 2018


In mathematics, problems (such as puzzle games) can be grouped by their complexity. Roughly speaking, this is a measure of the time it takes an optimal algorithm to solve them. It is useful to know if a problem is NP-hard, since it tells us that there is no known efficient algorithm for solving it. A friend of mine, Ben North, has produced an extremely elegant argument that MazezaM is NP-hard. Ben establishes NP-hardness by encoding 3-SAT problems as MazezaM levels, such that that the level is solvable if and only if the 3-SAT problem is. Since the encoding can be done efficiently, any efficient algorithm which solved MazezaM could be used to efficiently solve the 3-SAT problem. Thus, MazezaM must be at least as difficult as 3-SAT.

Thanks to Aaron Williams who contacted Ben and I to point out that while Ben had proved that MazezaM is NP-hard, the original claim that it was NP-complete was not correct.

Malcolm Tyrrell,
Sep 26, 2015, 4:41 AM
Malcolm Tyrrell,
Sep 26, 2015, 4:41 AM
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Sep 30, 2015, 6:52 AM
Malcolm Tyrrell,
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