Curriculum Vitae

Majid D. Beni

mbeni[that familiar sign]metu[dot]edu[dot]tr


Assistant professor at the department of philosophy, Middle East Technical University, Ankara (2020-present)

Instructor at Nazarbayev University, Nur-Sultan City (2019-2020)

Assistant professor at the Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran (2013-2019)


2000-2004, BA, Film Studies, Art University, Tehran

2004-2008, MA, Philosophy, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran

2008-2013, PhD philosophy of science; Philosophy of Science department, Iranian Institute of Philosophy, Tehran

Director of the thesis: Prof. Richard Creath

2012-2013 Visiting scholar at SoLS, ASU,


Philosophy of cognitive sciences, philosophy of science,


History of analytic philosophy, philosophy of Rudolf Carnap, philosophy of mind, philosophy of information, philosophy of mathematics,


The DAAD grant. Research Stays for University Academics and Scientists. 1.5.2022-31.7.2022. Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP)

The Science Academy- Turkey- Bilim Akademisi 2022 BAGEP Young Scientist Award


I am an associate member of the Association for Mathematical Consciousness Science (AMCS)



2019a. Cognitive Structural Realism, Springer, Studies in Brain and Mind Series

2019b. Structuring the Self, Palgrave Macmillan, Series New Directions in Philosophy and Cognitive Science

Edited volumes

I am a topic co-editor of Frontiers in Psychology's special issue on Distributed and Embodied Cognition in Scientific Contexts

Journal Articles

2013. “On What Is Not There. Quine, Meinong, and the Indispensability Argument.” Humana.Mente Journal of Philosophical Studies 25: 77–94.

2015a. “Structural Realism without Metaphysics: Notes on Carnap’s Measured Pragmatic Structural Realism.” Organon F 22 (2015): 302–24.

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2021g, "Inflating the social aspects of cognitive structural realism". European Journal for Philosophy of Science 2021 11:3, 11(3), 1–18.

2021h, "Cognitive Penetration and Cognitive Realism", Episteme, 1–16.

2022, A tale of two architectures: free energy, its models, and modularity. Consciousness and Cognition, 98, 103257.

forthcoming, (With Pietarinen, A) "Reinvigorating the Nineteenth Century Scientific Method", Perspectives on Science

Book chapters

2019. "Conjuring Cognitive Structures: Towards a Unified Model of Cognition". In A. Nepomuceno-Fernández, L. Magnani, F. Salguero-Lamillar, C. Barés-Gómez, & M. Fontaine (Eds.), Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology. (pp. 153–172).

Book reviews

2021, "Review of MATERIALISM by Robin Gordon Brown and James Ladyman", in British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (Review of Books),


Talks as Keynote speaker

"Cognitive Realism about Scientific Models", the 8th International Symposium on Brain and Cognitive Science Koç University, May 2022.

"The informational constitution of the self", Turkey eurocc ; Winter School for High Performance Computing, ODTU, Turkey, Ankara, FEB 2021

Talks as speaker

“NAI: Can AI get naturalized?”, Kazimierz Naturalism Workshop, September 2009

“On the Ontology of Linguistic Frameworks: toward a comprehensive version of empiricism”, 14th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (14th CLMPS, July 2011), Nancy

“Wittgenstein’s Prison. You can Checkout any time you like, but you can never leave,”(2012) 35th International Wittgenstein Symposium,

"An Extension of the Neurocomputational Account of Science: the social aspects" in A Workshop on Mechanism Design and Computational Modeling of Social Systems, IPM, Tehran (2014)

"Notes on Carnap's measured pragmatist structural realism", in 4th South African Philosophy of Science colloquium, Pretoria, (2015).

“Structural Realism without Metaphysics” in 15th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (15th CLMPS, July 2015), Finland

“The indications of the model-theoretic approach to scientific theories for the philosophy of mind”. 6th international conference of cognitive science, April 2015, Tehran

“Representationalism Revised: The Impact of Code Biology”, Fifth International Conference in Code Biology, Granada (Spain) June 2018

"Fleshing out social aspects of Cognitive Structural Realism", International Workshop on Theory (Re)Construction in the Empirical Social and Behavioral Sciences (TRC2020), Istanbul, November 2020

"Cognitive-social basis of scientific practice", Social Ontology, University of California, San Diego, Online Conference, August 2021

"Causal Mathematical Explanations", Between Formal and Informal Methods in Philosophy, Warsaw University, Warsaw, SEP 2021

"Neither a qualia realist nor an illusionist be!", Models of Consciousness 2, the Association for Mathematical Consciousness Science AMCS, SEP 2021

"Dennetting Panpsychism", The Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson, Arizona - April 2022


Have been a referee for the following journals


The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science


European Journal of Philosophy of Science


Foundations of Science

International Studies in the Philosophy of Science

Journal of Consciousness Studies

Mind & Language

Minds and Machines

Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences

Philosophers' Imprint


These are some of topics that I am teaching on a regular basis;

Philosophy of science

Philosophy of mind

Philosophy of cognitive science

Mathematical logic


I have supervised dissertations that fit in with my expertise, and I continue to do so.