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Maina Chawla Singh. Ph. D

  • Scholar-in-Residence,School of International Service, American University 
  •  Associate Professor, University of Delhi (formerly)
  • Senior Associate Fellow, Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, Brandeis University
  •  Affiliate,Georgetown University,Washington DC.(2010-12)
  •  Haddasah-Brandeis Scholar (2008).

Maina Singh’s research focus on issues of Migration, Diaspora and Identity, with a special focus on Indian Diaspora communities. Her book Being Indian, Being Israeli : Migration, Ethnicity and Gender in the Jewish Homeland (New Delhi: 2009; Reprint :2014), draws upon extensive fieldwork conducted in Israel, among Indian Jewish communities. Singh's ongoing projects include a study of Indian Americans in Politics--particularly, US-born, second-generation Indians who are engaging in US policy and politics.  Singh is also collecting ethnographies among Indian-origin communities in the French Caribbean (in Guadeloupe). 

Singh's earlier book Gender, Religion, and “Heathen Lands": American Missionary Women in South Asia (1860s – 1940s), (2000) draws from her doctoral research focusing on gender, colonialism and the cross-cultural work of American women missionaries. 

Singh has published several  scholarly articles  on gender  and  missionary work, the history and politics of colonial medicine and more recently on Indian-Israeli connections. Singh' has lived and researched in Russia, Ethiopia, Japan, Israel and the United States. Her cross-cultural experiences inspire a strong interest in Diaspora and Identity with a special focus on gender. She has lectured widely including at Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, Cornell and the Library of Congress, Washington DC. Since 2009, Dr. Singh has lectured widely at American campuses and to Jewish community groups about Indian Jewish identities.  

At the School of International Service, American University, Singh  offers a range of courses on 'Contemporary India', 'The Indian Diaspora' and 'US-India Foreign Policy'. 

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