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SCANPET wifi scanner

You can configure SCANPET to work as a wifi terminal. Use your mobile device as a scanner that automatically sends the barcode read to your PC.

This is very useful because you can scan the barcode and it will automatically appear in your Word, Excel or any other application on your PC, even if you're far away. All you need is a wireless signal.

SCANPET has a SCAN button on main screen that will show you these buttons:
  • Connect WIFI
  • WIFI scan
First press Connect WIFI and after the connection is stablished use WIFI scan to read a barcode and send it to your PC.

Connect Wifi
If the Wifi is not active in your mobile device, this option turn it on, and if already active attempts to connect to the VNC server installed on your PC. Later we will explain how to install and configure a VNC server on your PC

Wifi scan
Once the communication between the VNC server on your PC and SCANPET is stablished, this button is activated. It transfers from SCANPET to your PC the barcodes. If you notice that the barcode isn't  transferred, please read HOW TO SOLVE guide at the end of this document. 


You must install and configure a VNC server on your PC to make communications possible. There are many free VNC servers: UltraVNC, TightVNC, etc. You can download whichever you prefer but we recommend this UltraVNC version: http://www.uvnc.com/downloads/ultravnc/100-download-ultravnc-10962.html

Once UltraVNC has been downloaded follow these steps: First execute the download file and you will see something like this:

The installation is finished. Now go to Windows Start button and find UltraVNC:

After a few second you will see on the task bar that UltraVNC is active:

Use right button over UltraVNC icon and select Admin Properties:

Set the port to 5900 and which password you will use. 

WARNING: Don't use password bigger than 6 characters (this is an standard VNC protocol limit)

Now go to SCANPET Preferences Screen. Find the Wifi section and enter the same port and password you have typed on the PC. Also input your computer IP address.

If you don't know which is the IP address, you only have to leave the mouse on the UltraVNC icon in the taskbar, and after a second will appear four numbers separated by dots. Example: This is the IP address to enter on SCANPET.

After completing these steps you are ready to connect SCANPET and your PC.


If you can not get SCANPET Wifi scanner to work follow this steps:
1) Be sure you have this UltraVNC version installed: http://www.uvnc.com/downloads/ultravnc/100-download-ultravnc-10962.html
2) You have entered a valid IP address and it is your PC IP address.
3) The VNC password is not bigger than 6 characters.
4) If still does not work, disable your firewall and/or antivirus for a while and try again.
5) Maybe the wifi signal is low or bad quality. Then try to scan from a router close postition.
6) If you see SCANPEt scan but the barcode does not appears on your PC, then be sure you have Excel, Word , notepad or any other app open and with the cursor blinking on it (focused)

If still fails, then ask for help here: maikomobile.info@gmail.com