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Co#2 is located at 60 Island Rd

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Mahwah Fire Department History

The Mahwah Fire Department is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2014 with a block party in August 2014, hosted by Co#1, the party will be at their firehouse located at 100 Miller Road.

The Mahwah Fire Department was established in 1915, with Co#1 being the first to organize, followed by Co#2 in 1928, then Co#3 in 1947, Co#4 in 1944 and Co#5 in 1961. Today, it has five companies covering 27 square miles with a daytime population of 52,000+.  It has been and still is a volunteer organization.

When Co#2 was established, the original founding members, John Mayhook and Harry Garboski, kept the first engine housed in John's garage at his house on Route 202 until the firehouse was built in 1930. The orignal structure consisted of a two bay garage which was expanded in 1965 to a four bay garage, then to a six bay garage in 1989.

The most recent refurbishment was done by Co#1, the firehouse was expanded to a six bay garage, with multiple improvements that were extended inside as well.

Co#1 houses two Class A Pumpers, a Heavy Rescue Truck, a tech rescue truck, the Diamondback Airboat, known as Marine-1, and two smaller boats, and a pickup support truck.

Co#2 is the largest and busiest of the five companies. It houses two Class A Pumpers, one is a foam unit, one 110' Tower Ladder, one 75' Ladder Truck, one HazMat unit, and a Squad.

Co#3 houses to two Class A Pumpers, a Mobile Air Cascade Unit and the Fire/Police Command Van. Co#3 was an independent fire company operating in the Northeast area of Mahwah known as Masonicus. The township gave the Masonicus School to the Masonicus Fire Department thus incorporating it into the townships fire department in 1947. However the members waited until 1968 to formally join the Mahwah Fire Department.

Co#4 houses a 75' Ladder truck and a 2500 gallon Tanker/Pumper. Co#4 was organized in 1944, but did not formally join the Mahwah Fire Department until 1970. Fire Company No. 4 is located in the Southern area of town, referred to as the Fardale section of Mahwah

Co#5 houses a Class A 1000 gallon Pumper, a Mini Pumper and a 3500 gallon Tanker. Known as the Stag Hill Fire Company back in 1961, was organized because of the poor road conditions on what is now known as Stag Hill Road. The other fire companies had a difficult time getting to the top of the mountain

The Township also has an Ambulance Corps known as Mahwah Emergency Medical Service (MEMS) to handle all EMS related emergencies within the Township.