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My experience has been in implementing enterprise scale solutions, leading large teams (15-300) developers/software engineers, DBAs, architects, and project managers on project/product teams in material handling, logistics, and supply chain. As an engineer, project manager, consultant, product manager and architect, I have assisted sales, architected and implemented solutions, engineered and marketed products, managed geographically dispersed teams, negotiated with customers, vendors and business, liaised between technical and business stakeholders and transitioned projects/products.

As I moved up in the management ladder, I followed the 80-20 rule: Delegate 80%, Do 20%. I believe in rolling up my sleeves up and getting the work done -- make presentations to prospective clients and/or investors; pick up the phone to get on to support calls; look at incident reports and logs for troubleshooting hardware/software; hit the keyboard for designing and coding.

So yes, executed plenty of projects, roles and tasks in my professional career. Just to illustrate, my profile on the web site of Four Soft (on 11-Jun-2009) was given as follows:

Mahboob has over 17 years of work experience in the manufacturing and transportation domains on a wide range of technologies. He has an Engineering degree from REC Nagpur (now VNIT) and an MBA from Webster University, U.S.A. He previously served prestigious companies like Mukand Limited (Mumbai), Parametric Technology Corporation (Pune) and Federal Express (U.S.A). He started his career as a mechanical and structural engineer of material handling equipment, then moved to software development and has all round experience in product design and development, project management, pre-sales support and quality assurance. Mahboob currently heads the Technical Support and Quality Process functions. He looks after the technology and process roadmap for the organization, is in charge of R&D, IT Operations, Database Administration, and is the Management Representative for Quality Systems (ISO 9000, CMMi and Lean Management).

All said and done, I am passionate about programming. For my detailed and current professional profile click on 'LinkedIn' above.


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  • Bachelor of Engineering, VNIT Nagpur - 1991

  • Master of Business Administration, Webster University, USA - 2004

My Certificates

During my academic life, I had won quite a few prizes and certificates in extra-curricular activities. I used to mention them on my bio-data. As I gained experience, I removed the list from my curriculum vitae. However, the prizes and certificates I won at the school level do form a significant part of my growing up and personality. Those which disappeared from resume, now appear on my web home page.

So what if my list of certificates is not relevant on my resume, I flaunt it to introduce myself one the web. You can see it in the link below. At the end of the document, I have added a few certificates from exams that I passed during my working career. So once again: it's got all the stuff I am proud of, but doesn't appear on my resume.



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