Shadowrun Conversion Mod

Shadowrun - Sega Genesis - Conversion Mod - (C) 2009 (V2.2, 08/06/09) Magus77


What is this?

This is a mod for the Sega Genesis version of Shadowrun. It replaces all of the guns in the game either with real-life equivalents, or good alternatives to the in-game guns. It also makes a few minor changes detailed in the readme file.

It's also a complete change of the starting characters/races, along with their skills, attributes, and inventories. It may not make complete sense with the game's story, but in my opinion, it makes the gameplay more fresh.

Finally, it also changes a bit of the dialogue, and much of the menus and text. I will update the mod in the regard of modified dialogue every so often, whenever I feel I've made a worthwhile amount of changes.

What EXACTLY does this mod change?

For a complete list of changes, please consult the readme file, which is a link at the top.

How do I install this?

      1. Get a clean, unpatched ROM of Shadowrun. I will NOT provide assistance in getting ROMs, so don't even ask.

      2. Download the IPS Patcher (link at top of page) called "Lunar IPS," along with the mod.

      3. Use "Lunar IPS" to patch the ROM with the mod (and .ips file)

Can I use any other mods with this?

This will probably conflict with other mods, given the amount of changes done; however, the only other mod I have tested is Dragoon ZERO's Races Mod, which is also the only other mod I know of, so there might be another mod that doesn't conflict.

Why did you change _________? It was better the way it was originally!

If you're interested as to why I made a certain change in the game, you can email me, or even suggest an alternative if you'd like. However, I believe most of these changes are for the better, especially in terms of variety and replayability.

Can I help with this mod?

Sure - if you've got some suggestions that I like, or you're able to help in the areas detailed at the end of the readme file, then I'd be more than happy to get some assistance. Honestly, the only end I could imagine to this mod would be a complete conversion of Shadowrun.

A few previews:

Note: In no way do I take credit for anything that is not my work, which includes the Shadowrun game, and the IPS Patcher.