Twitter Follows by MAGOP Accounts

There are over 350 MAGOP & related accounts. How to be followed By ALL MAGOP Twitter Accounts:

All MAGOP Twitter accounts follow back almost all real people. ALMOST. They do not follow back obscene, pornographic, Democrats, or otherwise rude accounts.

We will generally unfollow accounts that follow one of our accounts only to unfollow us after we return the follow.

Accounts are manually managed on an approximate monthly cycle. You will not be automatically followed back. If an admin chooses not to follow back, it may be because they think your handle "@soundslikeabadperson" as an example, did not strike them the right way. You can send an email to asking for an admin to pay some attention to you. Mention the twitter account you are following and if you want tell us why you are a good follow, such as you want to save the world, you follow our other accounts and never have been a problem, etc, etc, etc. We are actually pretty good natured. We allow anyone to have their own views and politics, as long as they are not Democrats or other slave owners ;-)

In short then, if you want to have about 350 additional followers, be somewhat conservative of mind, follow all of the MAGOP accounts, and watch as they all start following back, usually several per day. Also watch how the number of other accounts starting following you as well. This is how twitter works. As longs as you follow happy, don't waste their time, the others should not waste yours. Watch out for the bad guys that do not play nice. They are probably Democrats or RINO's anyway

If you are a GOP or Conservative candidate, organization or activist and would like to have the MAGOProject accounts follow you without following them first, send an email to explaining your circumstances and include contact information for an admin to respond to. Phone is very helpful!

Why do you want to have all these followers? It could be as simple as a candidate looking to gain impact for a campaign message. The greater the Social Media audience the easier it is to attract new listeners. Who wants to volunteer for a campaign that only has a few hundred followers on twitter! Each time you try to grow your followers you run into twitter limits, rules and barriers resulting in account suspensions, delays, penalties and dollars spent trying to fix the mess your consulting "expert" got you into.

The twitter 5K Limit and how the MAGOProject can help YOU!