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(Re)Submitted Work

Why do Wealthy Parents have Wealthy Children?

Statistics Norway Discussion Paper, 2015, Co-authors A. Fagereng and M. Ronning

Revision requested by the Journal of Political Economy

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“Disability Receipt, Consumption Insurance, and Family Labor Supply”

Working paper, 2017, Co-authors D. Autor, A. Kostol, and B. Setzler

Revision requested by the American Economic Review

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“Educational Assortative Mating and Household Income Inequality”

Working Paper, 2017, Co-authors B. Zafar and L. Eika

Revision requested by the Journal of Political Economy

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”Local Governments, In-Kind Transfers, and Economic Inequality

Working Paper, 2015, Co-author R. Aaberge, L. Eika, and A. Langorgen

Revision requested by Journal of Public Economics 

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“Incarceration, Recidivism, and Employment”, 

Working Paper, 2016, Co-author M. Bhuller, G. Dahl, K. Loken

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“A Partial Identification Approach to Welfare Rankings of Distributions”

Working Paper, 2016, Co-authors R. Aaberge and T. Havnes 

Revision requested by Journal of Applied Econometrics 

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"What Can We Learn About Household Consumption From Information on Income and Wealth",

Working Paper, 2017, Co-authors:  L. Eika and O. Vestad

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Work In Progress

“Using Instrumental Variables for Inference About Policy Relevant Treatment Effects”, Co-authors A. Santos and A. Torgovitsky 

“The Internet's Impact on the Trade Behavior of Firms”, Co-authors A. Akerman and E. Leuven

"Sources of Biased Grading in School", Co-authors L. Andersland, S. Firpo, K. Salvanes 

"How the Internet Changed the Market for Print Media", Co-authors M. Bhuller, T. Havnes and J. McCauley

"Earning Risk and the Returns to Education", Co-authors: K. Liu and K. Salvanes

Income Mobility as an Equalizer of Permanent Income", Co-author R. Aaberge

Forthcoming and Published Articles

1) “Beyond LATE with a Discrete Instrument”

Co-authors C. Brinch and M. Wiswall  

Forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy

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2) Field of Study, Earnings, and Self-Selection

Co-authors L. Kirkeboen and E. Leuven

Forthcoming in Quarterly Journal of Economics

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3) “Life Cycle Earnings, Education Premiums and Internal Rates of Return”

Co-authors M. Bhuller and K. Salvanes

Forthcoming in Journal of Labor Economics

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4) “What is the Case for Paid Maternity Leave?”

Co-authors G. Dahl, K. Loken, K. V. Salvanes 

Forthcoming in Review of Economics and Statistics

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5) "Father Presence and the Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Attainment"

Forthcoming in Journal of Human ResourcesCo-authors A. Kalil, M. Rege, and M. Votruba

6) “Testing the Quantity-Quality Model of Fertility: Linearity, Marginal Effects, and Total Effects

Quantitative Economics, 7, 157-192, Co-author M. Wiswall, 2016

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7) “Earnings, Income, and Consumption of Allowed and Rejected Disability Insurance Applicants“

American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 105(5): 137-41, 2015, Co-author: A. Kostol

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8) “Labor Income Dynamics and the Insurance from Taxes, Transfers and the Family”

Journal of Public Economics, 127, 58-73, 2015, Co-authors R. Blundell and M. Graber

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9) “The Skill Complementarity of Broadband Internet”, 

Quarterly Journal of Economics, 130(4), 1781-1824, 2015, Co-authors A. Akerman and I. Gaarder

10) “Inequality in Current and Lifetime Income”,

Social Choice and Welfare, 44(2), 217-230, 2015, Co-author R. Aaberge

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11) "Is Universal Child Care Leveling the Playing Field?”, 

Journal of Public Economics, 127, 100-114, 2015, Co-author T. Havnes

12) Family Welfare Cultures”, 

Quarterly Journal of Economics, 129(4): 1711-17522014, Co-authors G. Dahl and A. Kostol

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13) “Peer Effects in Program Participation”,

American Economic Review104(7), 2049-2074, 2014, Co-authors G. Dahl and K. Løken

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14) “How Financial Incentives Induce Disability Insurance Recipients to Return to Work”, 
 American Economic Review104(2), 624-55, 2014, Co-author: A. Kostol

15) “Broadband Internet: An Information Superhighway to Sex Crime?”,

 Review of Economic Studies, 80, 1237-1266, 2013, Co-authors M. Bhuller, T. Havnes, and E. Leuven

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16) “What Linear Estimators Miss: The Effects of Family Income on Child Outcomes”,

 American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 4, 1-37, 2012, Co-authors M. Wiswall and K. Løken

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17) “Older or Wealthier? The Impact of Age Adjustment on Cross-Sectional Inequality Measures”,
Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 114, 24-54, 2012, Co-author I. Almås

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18) “Are Lone Mothers Responsive to Policy Changes? Evidence from a Workfare Reform in a Generous Welfare State”, 

Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 114, 1129-1159, 2012, Co-author C. Pronzato

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19) “Instrumental Variables Estimation with Partially Missing Instruments”,

Economics Letters114, 186-189, 2012, Co-author M. Wiswall

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20) “Money for Nothing? Universal Child Care and Maternal Employment”,

Journal of Public Economics95, 1455-1465, 2011, Co-author T. Havnes

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21) “No Child Left Behind: Subsidized Child Care and Children’s Long-Run Outcomes”,

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 3, 97-129, 2011, Co-author T. Havnes

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22) ”Baby Booming Inequality? Demographic Change and Inequality in Norway, 1967-2004”,

Journal of Economic Inequality, 9, 629-650, 2011, Co-authors I. Almås and T, Havnes

23) “Measuring Long-Term Inequality of Opportunity”,

Journal of Public Economics, 95, 193-204, 2011, Co-authors R. Aaberge, V. Peragine

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24) Divorced Fathers’ Proximity and Child Long Run Outcomes”,
Demography, 48 1005-1027, 2011, Co-authors A. Kalil, M. Rege, M. Votruba

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25) “Robust Inequality Comparisons”,

Journal of Economic Inequality, 9, 353-371, 2011, Co-author R. Aaberge

26) “The Distributional Impact of Public Services When Needs Differ”,
Journal of Public Economics94, 549-562, 2010, Co-authors R. Aaberge, M. Bhuller, A. Langørgen

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27) “Region-specific versus Country-specific Poverty Lines in Analysis of Poverty"
Journal of Economic Inequality5, 115-122, 2007, Co-authors R. Aaberge, A. Langørgen
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Google Scholar Citations

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