Mac Whatley's Index Page 

Pointing to the Various Locations Where I've Written on Subjects that Interest Me   

I'm experimenting with Google "Sites" as a way of publishing material which I've worked on for the last 25 years, and haven't yet had printed on paper or posted on a website.  In 1999 and 2000 I wrote extensively about the unique Quaker heritage of Deep River in North Carolina, which is on the web here.   In 2005 I wrote blog entries about Roman Bogdanov, my Russian foreign exchange student; started a blog on Randolph County (N.C.) history for my Chamber of Commerce 'Leadership Randolph' class; and kept the weekly Asheboro Rotary Club newsletter 'The Tar Wheel'

The original version of this Google program, called "Google Pages," made website creation as easy as blogging on Wordpress.  Now they've turned "Pages" into "Sites" and I'm trying that out.  I have piles of information I really need to publish, on topics such as Textile and Industrial History, North Carolina History, and Historic Preservation, and Randolph County History. 

As I add pages, I will link to each topic from here:

    Franklinsville, N.C

    Deep River, N.C. factories and mill villages

    Textile History

    Industrial Archaeology

    Historic Preservation

To Make a Donation to support the restoration of the factory and the creation of the Franklinville Mill Museum, go here.