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Spring 2014

 Session     Date      PaperRoomPresenter
 1 6/2/2014 Donaldson, D., Railroads of the Raj: Estimating the impact of transport infrastructureAmerican Economic Review, forthcoming.  C109  Mahsa
 2 20/2/2014 Nunn, N. and Wantchekon, L., The slave trade and the origins of mistrust in AfricaAmerican Economic Review, forthcoming. K702   Inge
 3 6/3/2014 Hausman, H., Hwang, J. Rodrik, D. (2007) What you export matters, Journal of Economic Growth C110  Liz
 4 20/3/2014 Piketty, T., Saez, E., Stantcheva, S. (2014) Optimal taxation of top labor incomes: A tale of three elasticitiesAmerican Economic Review K702  - canceled -  
 5 3/4/2014 
Jermann, U., Quadrini, V. (2012) Macroeconomic Effects of Financial ShocksAmerican Economic Review P51
 6 17/4/2014 Williamson, S.D. (2012) Liquidity, Monetary Policy and the Financial Crisis: A New Monetarist ApproachAmerican Economic Review K702 - canceled -  
 7 1/5/2014 
 Brunnermeier, M.K. Sannikov, Y. A Macroeconomic Model with a Financial SectorAmerican Economic Review, forthcoming. K405  Fernan 
8 15/5/2014 Goldin, C., (2014) A Grand Gender Convergence: Its Last Chapter, American Economic Review C110  Marijke