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A Constable is an officer appointed or elected depending on the city or town's ordinance, that is empowered after being sworn to office, to serve court process, perform evictions, seize property, make arrests, and perform all other duties incumbent upon the office of the constable in the Massachusetts General Laws. Constables and Deputy Sheriffs Perform essentially the same duties only Deputy Sheriffs have a larger jurisdiction. In most cases, a motion can be presented to the court to appoint a Constable as a special process server under rule 4.c of the M.R.C.P. which would empower the Constable to serve out of his or her jurisdiction. While executing a warrant, demand execution or performing duties, the Constable will have the same powers of the Sheriff as mentioned in the Mass General Laws. Unlike other law enforcement, a Constable works almost as a private contractor hired to serve warrants and writs, Constables are not on a salary and charge certain fees as mandated by the Mass General Laws for their services.


    • Process Serving Statewide, All subpoenas, summons + complaint, notices, motions etc. Process of any kind.
    • Subpoena's drawn up, As a Notaries Public, upon request, we may draw up a Subpoena for service.
    • Court Filing, Legal erands and more.
    • Evictions & Summary Process / Landlord services, 14 and 30 day notices, Summons and Physial evictions.
    • Notary public services


    • Advanced witness fees for Subpoenas
    • Invoice billing
    • 24 hour assistance 7 days a week
    • Can ensure service to any part of Massachusetts utilizing our extensive network of Constables and Process Servers
    • Flat rates and flexible fees available to all clients.