Accepted papers

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Note: At least one of the authors of accepted papers must register and attend the workshop.

This year, we received 31 submissions of which 2 were withdrawn. Out of the 29 submissions, the following 14 papers have been accepted: 

#3 Simulating the Expansion of Large-sized Farms in Rural Netherlands: A Land Exchange Model

#4 Multiagent Based Modeling Of Distributed Railway System

#9 An Agent-Based Approach to Dynamic Experience Management in Theme Parks

#10 Globalisation, regionalisation and behavioural responses of land use agents

#11 Dynamically Tracking the Real World in an Agent-Based Model

#12 Large-Scale Multi-Agent-based Modeling and Simulation of Microblogging-based Online Social Network

#14 Verification and Validation of Agent-Based Simulations using Approximate Model Checking

#15 Towards Simulating the Impact of Culture on Organizations

#17 Multi-Agent-Based Simulation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth

#18 A Simple Complete Conservative Sustainable Agent-Based Model Economy - Some Hypotheses

#20 The MAELIA multi-agent platform for integrated assessment of low-water management issues

#24 Dynamic Identity Model for Agents

#26 Who Creates the Housing Bubble? An Agent-Based Study

#30 Opposites Repel: The Effect of Incorporating Repulsion on Opinion Dynamics in the Bounded Confidence Model