MEP Generators

MEP 803A 10kw Generator Set - with or without HMMWV trailer $ - Call if interested in buying any of these generators. 3kw, 10kw, and 20kw available.

Army paid $25,757 for this 10kw set.

Deer Hunting shack power supply, and power up an entire farm operation or construction site as well. New home construction builders or re-modelers would love this.

Army paid about $18k for the generator, and just under $8k for the trailer, totaling $25,757 for the set showing on the tag. We get the generator for $3200 - huge savings!

"Tactical" means it runs quiet. You can also switch it to run regardless under ANY circumstances until it gets squashed by a tank, or runs out of diesel fuel.

If you're a snowbird, take it with you as it's ready to go if needed for hurricane disaster relief. Or preparation of another potential disaster area. I literally just took it to a very experienced diesel mechanic that works on million dollar pieces of farm machinery daily at John Deere who flushed it to be safe, put new high quality fluids in all, all new WIX filters, 2 brand new Optima Red Top 34/78 batteries which cost me over $440 alone, test ran it multiple times, purrs like a kitten. Perfect back up power for farm, business, house, cabin, logging operations, or run any welder you want in the middle of nowhere. It's ready to go to work.

10 kW, 120 Volts Single Phase, 120/240 Single Phase, 120/208 Volts 3 Phase, 120V Receptacles, 3535hrs Diesel Engine, Insulated Enclosure. Plug and play, ready to work, or stand by as a backup. Why buy a Honda EU2000i 2000W when you can get the daddy of all generators. This is a Military tactical generator that runs very quiet.

The cheapo civilian version of this exact generator alone new costs over $10k. Here you get military grade reliability and durability.

Humvee H1 trailer can be available as well for an added $1500.

Here's what it needs yet: a spray down to wash the dust off. That's it.

YouTube video link of it being started and ran: MEP 831A 10kw Generator Running

Also have a MEP-831A Diesel 3kw, 120v 1 Phase Generator.

Backup Power for your house, business, or farm. Year 2010 tactical MEP-831A diesel generator set has just over 5 hours on it. Purrs like a kitten. Army Reserve paid about $10k for this generator to just have it on hand and never used it - see pic included of a price tag I found for what uncle Sam paid. Huge savings for us as 2nd owner.

Use it for your mobile kitchen, concession stand, shop or repair welder in the woods for your heavy construction or farm equipment... Two people can move this around with fold down handles. One could too, but too awkward. So easiest with two people. Put in the back of your truck or HMMWV slant back and take it anywhere. Buyer arranges shipping. I can load it, or drop it off at Fastenal.

Here's the data sheet I found. I don't know any more technical data than this. What I do know is that it's an easy starting, great running next to no hour unit ready to go:

MEP-831A Specifications

Identification Data

Description 3 kW TQG Set, 60 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd

Model MEP-831A

NSN 6115-01-285-3012

LIN G18358

SSN M59400

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions LWH (in) 35 x 28 x 27 (Cube:15 ft3)

Weight (lbs) 326 (full tank + battery), 272 (1 hr fuel, no battery)

Engine Yanmar L70AE-D/DE Diesel, 1 cylinder/4 stroke, 6.7 hp @ 3600 RPM (variable speed), rope and 24 VDC start, air-cooled.

Instrumentation Emergency stop, Fuel level, Hour meter, Voltmeter, Load meter, Battle short, AC interrupt, Fault indicators

Fuels Diesel DL-1, DL-2; Jet Fuel JP-8

Fuel Capacity: 4.0 gal

Performance Characteristics

Power Rating 3 kW, 0.8 pf @ 1000 ft/107°F. 110% max power.

Environmental Capability -25°F to 120°F, rain, humidity, altitude, sand/dust, transportation, 9 inch drop, vibration, cold storage, salt spray, fungus, 15° incline.

Protective Devices Engine High Temp, Low Oil Pressure, No Fuel, Overvoltage, Overload, Short Circuit

Fuel consumption 0.33 gph @ rated load

Human Factors MIL-STD-1474. Man portable.

Noise 72 dBA @ 7 m (23 ft.)

Reliability (MTBF) 500 hr @ 80% Lower Confidence Level (LCL)

Maintenance ratio less than 0.05

Electrical Characteristics

Connection 120/240V, 1ph, 3 wire 120V, 1ph, 2 wire

Voltage Adj Range 228 - 252 V 114 - 126 V

Frequency Adj Range 3%

Electrical Fermont Permanent Magnet Variable Speed Generator, TRC Corp Solid State Inverter (60Hz and 400Hz).

Electrical Performance

Electric Power Quality AC Voltage Frequency

Regulation 4% 3%

Modulation 2.5%

Short term steady state stability (30 sec) 2% bandwidth 4% bandwidth

Long term steady state stability (4 hr) 4% bandwidth 4% bandwidth

Application/rejection of rated load, recovery time 30% dip/rise,3 sec 4% under/5% over,4 sec/6 sec

Motor load Not rated

Max waveform deviation factor 7%

Individual waveform harmonic 4%

EMI Meets MIL-STD-461C