The following websites have been helpful to a number of parents in our district: a local organization providing info and support for spectrum disorders  the needs and interests of children and families affected by apraxia   the Nassau chapter of the national Children and Adults with ADHD  the history and science of the code, what is at stake and involved in learning to read  autism & developmental disorders info  Long Island Sled Hockey for the Differently Abled Athlete  National Center for learning disabilities  Nassau County Police Athletic League Special Needs Unit  The National Down Syndrome Society  the Nassau/Suffolk chapter of the National Autism Society of America  NY State Education Department: Special Education  teaching kids to read  a parent’s guide to helping children with learning difficulties a therapeutic horseback riding for riders of all ages -maximizing strengths of kids with LD  sensory processing disorder foundation – research, educational, and advocacy  NY State Adult Career and Continuing Education Services - Vocational Rehabilitation Services 

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CHADD, Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder