Dr Lydia M. Hopper

I am the Assistant Director of the Lester E Fisher Center for the Study & Conservation of Apes, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, USA. It is my role to oversee the design, coordination, and running of our in-house behavioral and cognitive research with our chimpanzees, gorillas and Japanese macaques. 

Recent publications:
Cronin KA, Bethell EJ, Jacobson SJ, Egelkamp CE, Hopper LM & Ross SR. (2018). Evaluating mood changes in response to anthropogenic noise with a response-slowing task in three species of zoo-housed primates. Animal Behavior & Cognition 5(2), 209-221.  

Hansen BK, Fultz AL, Hopper LM & Ross SR (2018). An evaluation of video cameras for collecting observational data on sanctuary-housed chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). Zoo Biology.

Vale GL, Flynn EG, Kendal J, Rawlings B, Hopper LM, Schapiro SJ, Lambeth SP & Kendal RL (2017). Testing differential use of payoff-biased social learning strategies in children and chimpanzees. Proceedings of the Royal Society, 284, 20171751. 

Cronin KA, Jacobson SL, Bonnie KE & Hopper LM (2017). Studying primate cognition in a social setting to improve validity and welfare: a literature review highlighting successful approaches. PeerJ, 5,e3649.

Hopper LM (2017). Cognitive research in zoos. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 16,100-110.