Dr Lydia M. Hopper

I am the Assistant Director of the Lester E Fisher Center for the Study & Conservation of Apes, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, USA. It is my role to help with the design, coordination, and running of our in-house behavioral and cognitive research with our chimpanzees, gorillas and Japanese macaques. I am also Chair of Lincoln Park Zoo's Institutional Review Board. In addition to my role at the Zoo, I am an adjunct Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, USA, and an Honourary Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, UK. 

Recent publications:
Jacobson SL, Hopper LM, Shender MA, Ross SR, Leahy M & McNernie J (2017). Zoo visitors' perceptions of chimpanzee welfare are not affected by the provision of artificial environmental enrichment in a naturalistic exhibit. Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research 5(1), 56-61. 

Howard LH, Wagner KE, Woodward AL, Ross SR & Hopper LM (2017). Social models enhance apes' memory for novel events. Scientific Reports, 7, 40926.

Hopper LM, Shender MA & Ross SR (2016). Behavioral research as physical enrichment for captive chimpanzees. Zoo Biology, 35(4), 293-297.

Hopper LM, Freeman HD & Ross, SR (2016). Reconsidering coprophagy as an indicator of negative welfare for captive chimpanzees. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 176, 112-119.

Wagner KE, Hopper LM & Ross SR (2016). Asymmetries in the production of self-directed behavior by chimpanzees and gorillas during a computerized cognitive test. Animal Cognition, 19(2), 343-350.