What's Happening in Room 107


Band Concert is April 26!

8th Graders

  • Working on our concert music Mechanical Monsters & Midnight Mission

Beginning Bands

  • Working on our concert music Beginning Band's Greatest Hits & Inception


Band Picture Days are March 28 & 29

8th Graders

  • Pre-UIL Performance Results - Every judge gave Stockard a Superior (1st Division Rating)

  • New music for our April 26 Concert is being worked on. We are working on Mechanical Monsters and Might of Hercules

Beginning Bands

  • We started on our first full band selection. It is called Inception

  • 7th grade beginners have began work on Mechanical Monsters with the plan to perform with the 8th graders


8th Graders

  • Pre-UIL music Mighty 8th March, Sakura, and Dance Celebration

  • Sight Reading intensive prep. We are playing a new song every class

Beginning Bands

  • Band Karate Purple Belt has been posted

  • More songs! Down by the Station, Mary had a Little Lamb, Pepperoni Pizza and more...

  • Nearpod games helping us learn our fingerings on our instruments


8th Graders

  • Pre-UIL music prep time

  • Our program includes Mighty 8th March, Sakura, and Dance Celebration

Beginning Bands

  • Band Karate White and Green Belt have been posted

  • We learned our first two songs: Hot Cross Buns & Au Clare de la Lune


8th Graders

  • Holiday Music List: Jingle Bells, Dreydl Dreydl Dreydl, and Jingle them Bells (Techno Hip Hop)

  • We are studying holiday movie soundtrack music. Home Alone has great music

Beginning Bands

  • Keep working on your Band Karate

  • We can play 9 lines of music already!

  • We are studying holiday movie soundtrack music. Home Alone has great music


8th Graders

  • Time for the band to perform, our Nov. 18 performance is the first band performance on campus since Nov of 2019

  • We will be performing The Mighty 8th March, Hot Cross Beatz, and Inception

Beginning Bands

  • New this month is Band Karate, time to strive for those belts

  • We are polishing up the first 5 notes on our instruments, songs coming soon!


8th Graders

  • "Schnibbles for Band" has some great duets let's sightread

  • Our portfolio of performance music is growing. New for us is Hot Cross Beatz

Beginning Bands

  • We know our first 3 notes!

  • Time for some SEL lessons inspired by clips from the musical Dear Evan Hansen


8th Graders

  • Our first full band selections are Inception & Beginning Band's greatest hits

  • We start work on our March. The Mighty 8th March

Beginning Bands

  • How to hold and properly care for our instruments

  • Time to learn how to read music

  • Making those first sounds


8th Graders

  • Playing as a full band for the first time!

  • Reviewing some old materials we were working on back in March of 2020

Beginning Bands

  • Learning to clap and count rhythms

  • Learning about and choosing our instruments for the year