Luke L. Powell, PhD

Greetings! I am a conservation ecologist with CIBIO/Biopolis ( the TROPIBIO program) and a research affliliate at the University of Glasgow. I'm also the director and co-founder of Biodiversity Initiative, an NGO and research collaborative dedicated to exploration, ecology and education in tropical rainforests - especially in Central Africa. I have a handful of research projects, all of which seek to understand ecology to aid wildlife conservation in some capacity.

Please note that this page is a bit out of date, but the website for Biodiversity Initiative is more frequently updated with the latest research, talks and collaborations.

Some Media:

I'm featured in an episode of National Geographic's web series Today I Learned, where I explain why some birds lay their eggs in other birds' nests:

Our NGO, Biodiversity Initiative got the cover story for Audubon Magazine!

Biodiversity Initiative, has launched a new website:

contact me: Luke.L.Powell<*at*>