Graduate Coursework (2008-2012)
Magna cum Laude
Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Illinois; Urbana-Champaign, IL

MATH 416: Abstract Lin Algebra (Audit)
MATH 447: Real Variables (Audit)
Math 461 MATH 461: Probability Theory B. Reznick
ECE 210 ECE 210: Analog Signal Processing (teaching)
ECE 310 ECE 310: Digital Signal Processing (teaching)
ECE 448 ECE 448: Artificial Intelligence S. Levinson
ECE 470 ECE 470: Introduction to Robotics S. Hutchinson
ECE 486 ECE 486: Control Systems (teaching)
ECE 490 ECE 490: Introduction to Optimization P. Kumar
ECE 515 ECE 515: Control System Theory D. Liberzon
ECE 517 ECE 517: Nonlinear & Adaptive Control D. Liberzon
ECE 528 ECE 528: Analysis of Nonlinear Systems G. Dullerud
ECE 534 ECE 534: Random Processes P. Moulin
ECE 549 ECE 549: Computer Vision S. Lazebnik
ECE 553 ECE 553: Optimum Control Systems T. Basar
ECE 555 ECE 555: Control of Stochastic Systems M. Belabbas
ECE 561: Detection & Estimation Theory (Audit) P. Moulin
ECE 586: Game Theory (Audit) B. Hajek
ECE 580: Optimiz by Vect Space Methds T. Basar
ECE 594 ECE 594: Math Models of Language S. Levinson
ECE 599: Thesis Research S. Levinson
CS 446: Machine Learning (Audit) D. Roth

Undergraduate Coursework (2003-2007)

Magna cum Laude
B.S. in Physics & Engineering with Electrical Emphasis
Hope College; Holland, MI

Major: Engineering-ABET/Elec Eng Emph

ENGS 100: Introduction to Engineering & Lab
ENGS 170: Computer Aided Design
ENGS 221: Solid Mechanics I
ENGS 222: Principles of Engineering Materials
ENGS 224: Mechanics of Materials Lab
ENGS 241: Electronics I & Lab
ENGS 242: Electronics II & Lab
ENGS 295: Intro to Computational Analysis
ENGS 295: Logic Circuit Design
ENGS 331: Dynamic Systems & Controls I
ENGS 332: Dynamic Systems & Controls II
ENGS 333: Dynamic Systems & Controls Lab
ENGS 345: Thermodynamics
ENGS 351 ENGS 351: Signal Analysis & Communication
ENGS 451: Intro to Engineering Design
ENGS 452: Engineering Design

Major: Physics

Chem 111: General Chemistry I
Chem 111: General & Analyt Chem Lab I
PHYS 121: General Physics I
PHYS 122: General Physics II
PHYS 141: General Physics Laboratory I
PHYS 142: General Phyiscs Laboratory II
PHYS 270: Modern Physics
PHYS 295: Introduction to Physics I
PHYS 280: Intro to Mathematical Physics
PHYS 281: Intermediate Labratory
PHYS 352: Physics of the Optical Domain
Phys 342 PHYS 342: Electricity and Magnetism
Phys 361 PHYS 361: Analytical Mechanics
PHYS 372: Quantum Theory
PHYS 328: Continuation Adv Labratory

Minor: Mathematics

MATH 131: Calculus I
MATH 132: Calculus II
MATH 231: Multivariable Mathematics I
MATH 232: Multivariable Mathematics II
Math 334 MATH 334: Complex Analysis
MATH 351: College Geometry

Core Curriculum

Basic Drawing
BATMAN: 8 Decades & Counting
Learning to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci
Survey of Jazz
Cultural Heritage I
Cultural Heritage II
National Government Topics
Introduction to Psychology
Many Faces of Christianity
Intro to World Religions
Science & Religion
Spanish I
Spanish II

High School (1999 - 2003)

Magna cum Laude
Parchment High School
Parchment, MI