Current Research:

At the University of Washington, I am working with the Last Millennium Reanalysis (LMR) data product to study the ocean-atmosphere conditions that coincided with pre-instrumental drought.

I am also using the LMR to study pre-instrumental, interdecadal, global temperature variability and its potential drivers.

I just finished a project in which we used the CMIP5 past1000 and NCAR CESM Last Millennium Ensemble (CESM LME) experiments to study the continuum ocean-atmosphere conditions that coincide with droughts on interannual-multidecadal timescales in Southwestern North America (published 2018:  Journal of Climate).


I recently finished a project in which we compared the shape of the climate spectrum of variability in CMIP5 past1000, CMIP5 control, and tropical paleoclimate coral records (published 2017: Journal of Climate).


Sylvia Dee and I (and others) just published a paper in which we used proxy system forward models to help reconcile model-paleo climate variability discrepancies (published 2017: EPSL).


In addition to this model-focused research, during graduate school I also used u-XRF (X-ray fluorescence) analysis from sediment cores our lab group collected in the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Amazon to study persistent drought risk over the last ~1000 years in tropical South America (published 2018: Water Resources Research).

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Who am I and what do I study?

I study drought and climate dynamics.

Specifically, I use observation data, paleoclimate records, and climate model (Earth System Model) data to study the sources and impacts of climate variability at interannual-century timescales.

I hope my climate variability research will help us understand more about how future warming will unfold: will the world warm relatively smoothly, like a ramp, or in fits and starts, like an uneven staircase? Furthermore, how will warming and variability combine to impact communities on local and regional scales?

In addition to my work as a researcher, I am also a Wilderness First Responder and NOLS instructor who enjoys backpacking, climbing, and taking panoramic landscape photographs.

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