Working Papers:

Removing the Wall around Welfare: What Do We Learn from A8 Immigrants in the UK?
Economic Policy, accepted [updated version]
- Awarded the 2017 Young Italian Economist Award by the Società Italiana degli Economisti
- Previous version: "The Effects of Welfare Restrictions on the Labour Supply of EU Immigrants in the UK"  [estratto in italiano]

The US Opioid Epidemic: State Laws, Prescription Opioids and Crime (with Claudio Deiana[non-technical summary]
- Previous version: "The US Opioid Epidemic: Prescription Opioids, Labour Market Conditions and Crime" [last version][WP

The Economics Behind the Epidemic: Afghan Opium Price and Prescription Opioids in the US (with Claudio Deiana and Roberto Nisticò) [non-technical summary[WP CSEF][WP IZA]

Work in Progress:

Be Like Thy Neighbour? Length of Stay and Economic Assimilation of Immigrants

Other Projects:

Residential Segregation and Migration Attitudes in Italy (with Claudio DeianaAndrea Geraci and Gianluca Mazzarella)

Economic Assimilation of Immigrants and Terrorism in Europe (with Claudio Deiana

Geographic Mobility of Labour Market Entrants: Evidence from the UK

Job Turnover in Early Career and Fertility Choices

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