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Ludo Visschers
Professor, University of Edinburgh
Investigador Asociado, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 

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Working Papers and Work in Progress 
Unemployment and Endogenous Reallocation over the Business Cycle  ⚬ with Carlos Carrillo-Tudela   ⚬ April 2020   ⚬  revised and resubmitted, Econometrica  New Version, April 2020
full version (193 pages, with all appendices and links internal to document) ⚬ lean version (45 pages) ⚬ Appendices A-CSupplementary Appendix
Revisiting the Hypothesis of High Discounts and High Unemployment with Paolo Martellini and Guido Menzio  New Version, June 2020  revision requested, Economic Journal 
Works in Progress
   "Cyclical Earnings and Employment Transitions" with Carlos Carrillo-Tudela and David Wiczer
  Workers’ Task and Employer Mobility over the Business Cycle with Carlos Carrillo-Tudela and Fraser Summerfield
 Statistical Gender Discrimination in an equilibrium search model with David Cuberes, Marc Teignier, Sevi Rodriguez-Mora

Basic Income and Heterogeneity in Macro (project) with Rafael Lopes de Melo, Enric Martorell and Sevi Rodriguez-Mora
 Self-employment, Paid employment and Unemployment over the business cycle with Matthias Kredler and Ana Millan Tapia  (this is an older, preliminary, version from the SED)
Untitled Project with Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis

Older projects
Barcelona Summer Forum - Economic Growth and Fluctuations Session 2019, 2018, and 2017 (funding acknowledged by Barcelona GSE, MOVE, MacCaLM, Excelencia Severo Ochoa, Fundacion Ramon Araces, Ministerio Economia y Competitividad Spain)
MacCaLM Workshop 2017, 2018 and 2019
Grants Acknowledged 
ESRC Research Grant “Transparency in Procurement, the Design and Use of Information in Trading” (co-I, 2016-2019)
MadEco-CM grant (reference: S2015/HUM-3444) 2016-2019, through the Institute of Economics, U. Carlos III de Madrid
Chancellor's Fellowship, The University of Edinburgh (2013-2019)
Juan de la Cierva Fellowship, Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain (PI, 2011-2013)  UC3M  Institute of Economics (IE) Search and Matching Europe Research Group IZA Institute of Labour CESifo research network Credit and Labour Market Foundations of the Macroeconomy (Research Project)

Other Links  Seminar schedule for UC3M, CEMFI, Bank of Spain and FEDEA in one place                        

"Competing with Asking Prices"   ⚬ with Ben Lester and Ronald Wolthoff   ⚬ May 2017   ⚬  Theoretical Economics 

"The Extent and Cyclicality of Career Changes: Evidence for the UK"   ⚬ with Carlos Carrillo-Tudela, Bart Hobijn and Powen She   ⚬ May 2016, vol. 84, pp 18-41⚬  European Economic Review
⚬ open access provided by the ESRC

"Directed Search over the Life Cycle"   ⚬ with Guido Menzio and Irina Telyukova  ⚬ Janurary 2016, vol. 19, pp 38-62 ⚬  Review of Economic Dynamics
link to open version February 2015

"Unemployment Risk and Wage Differentials"   ⚬ with Roberto Pinheiro   ⚬ May 2015, vo. 157, pp397-424  ⚬  Journal of Economic Theory
"Meeting Technologies and Optimal Trading Mechanisms in Competitive Search Markets"   ⚬ with Ben Lester and Ronald Wolthoff   ⚬ January 2016, vol. 155, pp 1-15 ⚬  Journal of Economic Theory 

"Precautionary Demand for Money in a Business Cycle Model"   ⚬ with Irina Telyukova ⚬ Nov 2013, 60(8) ⚬  Journal of Monetary Economics
link to earlier version
"Information Acquisition and the Exclusion of Evidence in Trials"   ⚬ with Ben Lester and Nicola Persico   ⚬ 2012, 28(1)   ⚬  Journal of Law, Economics and Organization  ⬦
⚬ link to earlier version
"Labor Market Fluctuations in the Small and in the Large"   ⚬ with Richard Rogerson and Randall Wright   ⚬ 2009, 5(1)   ⚬  International Journal of Economic Theory  ⬦
⚬ link to earlier version link to NBER WP Version

Non-refereed Publications  

"Career Changes Decline During Recessions"   ⚬ with Carlos Carrillo-Tudela and Bart Hobijn  ⚬ 2014-09, ⚬  FRBSF Economic Letter  ⬦
"Majority of Hires Never Report Looking For a Job"   ⚬ with Carlos Carrillo-Tudela, Bart Hobijn  and Patryk Perkowski ⚬ 2015-10, ⚬  FRBSF Economic Letter  ⬦

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Snail Mail address: School of Economics The University of Edinburgh
30 Buccleuch Place, EH8 9JT, Edinburgh United Kingdom