1. Beyond the Target: M&A Decisions and Rival Ownership (with Miguel Anton, Jose Azar, and Mireia Gine)

(Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 144, Issue 1, April 2022)

Featured at Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Bloomberg Opinion and Competition Policy International and ABA Economics Committee Newsletter

2. The Mutual Friend: Dual Holder Monitoring and Firm Investment Efficiency (with Miguel Anton)

(Review of Corporate Finance Studies, Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2020)

3. Taking No Chances: Lender Concentration and Corporate Acquisitions

(Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 76, October 2022)

4. Great Trees are Good for Shade: Creditor Monitoring Under Common Ownership 

(Finance Research Letters, Volume 44, January 2022)


5. When Bondholders Are Lenders: Incentive Alignment or Information Spillover? (with Kai Li and Xinyan Yan) (Draft available upon request)

Presented at: (*scheduled)

Bretton Woods Accounting and Finance Conference, NYU Stern Corporate Governance Research Luncheon, Brazilian Accounting Research Conference, CICF 2023*, NFA 2023*

6. Agree to Disagree: Lender Equity Holdings, Within-Syndicate Conflicts, and Covenant Design (with Yongqiang Chu and Zhanbing Xiao) 

Featured at the Duke University School of Law FinReg Blog

Presented at:

33rd Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, 33rd Asian Finance Association Meeting, 28th AEFIN Finance Forum

7. Shareholder-Creditor Conflicts and Limits to Arbitrage: Evidence From the Equity Lending Market (with Yongqiang Chu, Pedro Saffi, and Jason Sturgess

Presented at:

IESE, INSEAD, NTU, TTU, 28th AEFIN Finance Forum, Paris December Finance Meeting 2021, MFA 2022