Luca Paolo Merlino

TT(ZAP)BOF Research Professor

University of Antwerp

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Terrorist Attacks and Minority Perceived Discrimination, with M. Giani, British Journal of Sociology, forthcoming.

More than Just Friends? School peers and adult interracial relationshipswith M. Steinhardt and L. Wren-Lewis, Journal of Labor Economics, 2019 (final version).                                                  Coverage: The Boston Globe5 papers... in 5 minutes!IZA

Informal Job Search through Social Networks and Vacancy Creation, Economics Letters, 2019 (final version).

Gender Differences in Sorting, with P. Parrotta and D. Pozzoli, Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, 2018 (final version and Online Appendix).

Public Goods in Endogenous Networks, with M. KinatederAmerican Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2017 (final version).

Efficient Sorting in Frictional Labor Markets with Two-Sided HeterogeneityMacroeconomic Dynamics, 2016 (final version).

Formal and Informal SearchEconomics Letters, 2014 (final version).

Endogenous Job Contact Networks , with A. GaleottiInternational Economic Review, 2014 (final version).

Discrimination, Technology and UnemploymentLabour Economics, 2012 (final version).


Free Riding in Networks, with M. KinatederOnline AppendixSome of the results in this paper previously circulated in drafts titled "The Private Provision of Public Goods in Endogenous Networks" and "Collaboration in Endogenous Networks".

Debunking Rumors in Social Networks, with N. Tabasso and P. Pin.

Social and Economic Inequality, with M. Comola and E. Gallo.

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