Lattes Platform Curriculum - My curriculum in the main brazillian researchers database. It has its own (poor) english translation but it is more frequently updated than my CV document available in this site.

Filosofia e Neurociências: Cognição e Comportamento Research Group - Literally translating to Philosophy and Neurosciences: Cognition and Behavior, it is currently my main research group. We also work with UCPel's Clinical Neurosciences Lab and UCS' X-Lab: Philosophy, Ethology and Neurosciences.

NEPFil - UFPel's publisher of works in academic philosophy. Also responsible for Dissertatio collections in philosophy and its so-named journal of philosophy.

Social Brains Research Group - Unisino's research group about philosophy of mind, language and epistemology under natural science's scope. The first philosophy research group in Brazil with an EEG. Even though my focus is on ethics, I learned very much from them.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Stanford University's comprehensive online encyclopedia of philosophy, with entries in form of academic articles written by many great names of our time.

My Academic Social Networks