Lattes Platform Curriculum - My curriculum in the main brazillian researchers database. It has its own (poor) english translation but it is more frequently updated than my CV document available in this site.

My Academic Social Networks

Filosofia e Neurociências: Cognição e Comportamento Research Group - Literally translating to Philosophy and Neurosciences: Cognition and Behavior, it is currently my main research group. We also work with UCPel's Clinical Neurosciences Lab and UCS' X-Lab: Philosophy, Ethology and Neurosciences.

NEPFil - UFPel's publisher of works in academic philosophy. Also responsible for Dissertatio collections in philosophy and its so-named journal of philosophy.

Social Brains Research Group - Unisino's research group about philosophy of mind, language and epistemology under natural science's scope. The first philosophy research group in Brazil with an EEG. Even though my focus is on ethics, I learned very much from them.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Stanford University's comprehensive online encyclopedia of philosophy, with entries in form of academic articles written by many great names of our time.