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Are we rational people? What is the role of emotion in our decisions? Reason has been the cornerstone of philosophy since its earliest inceptions. The basis for many a theory, it has been considered our redeeming characteristic - even in the most emotivist conceptions. What many said differentiated us from animals, or even granted us a touch of divinity.

However, recent data from a multitude of sciences come to challenge reason's dominance in current thought. Ethology showed us many animals who can compare to or surpass us in some rational capacities, sociology and economy demonstrated that the choices reason would judge best are seldom the path most taken, and psychology and the neurosciences discovered how little we actually know regarding our own selves - to name a few.

The phenomena of false news, targeted ads, bigotry and hate speech, and extreme polarization are some other interesting factors which seem to raise doubt to our reliance of rationality. The recent pandemic seemed to further explode these issues, directly affecting elections and resulting in drastic health problems even in traditionally democratic countries. Yet, tranquility and neutrality is demanded by some, even in the face of negligence and death. Can reason truly remove us out of our social context? Would it even be desirable?

The study of decision-making intersects with many different areas of knowledge, one of them being philosophy. Only a multidisciplinary dialogue can provide us with a better picture of our actions, and my research is an attempt to further this communication. Is reason or rationality a valid, reliable tool in the light of our current scientific landscape? Or are we emotional beings clinging to an illusion of agency?

Main Interests

  • Decision-making

  • Moral Epistemology

  • Metaethics


I'm Luca Igansi, born and raised in the southern region of Brazil. I've had a passion for philosophy and science since my teenage years which I've followed so far. I also love music and traveling, as you can check in the "Non-academic area" on the above menu. I also have 3 dogs and 2 cats which I love dearly.