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I created this page with the purpose of divulging my humble work and to share interesting papers, events and other academic-related things.

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Research Interests

  • Decision-making
  • Experimental Philosophy
  • Moral Psychology

I focus on the metaethical issues of normativity in moral naturalism. I have a general interest in the relationship between empirical data and the moral and political spheres, notable in my master's dissertation and undergraduation's final work. Summarily, I defend that a naturalistic perspective of the moral phenomena is crucial to contemporary debates on human conduct

The problematic I focused on master's research was that on the one hand post-humean naturalistic theories have a descriptive grasp on morality, i.e. are absent of normative weight; and on the other hand normative non-naturalistic theories, theories of moral value, lack an adequate factual explanation and congruence with the myriad of evidence regarding human behavior available from current biological and social sciences' technological and methodological advances.

Thus, I am very interested to investigate the possible relations between empirical evidence and normativity in a natualistic approach. The urgency of a value-based theory with a prima-facie normativity is indeed much needed, but to ignore the sheer ammount of psychological, physiological and general empirical evidence regarding behavior and other morality-concerned factors is too much a reckless endeavour. Principles and norms, as all of our actions, have strong physiological and evolutionary roots, and such acknowledgement is crucial to their validity and maintenance.

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I'm Luca Igansi, born and raised in the southern region of Brazil. I have a passion for philosophy and science since my teenage years which I've followed so far. I also love music and traveling, as you can check in the "Non-academic area" on the left. I also have 3 dogs and 2 cats which I love dearly.