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Publications in Referred Journals

February 2017. "Allotment in First-Price Auctions: an Experimental Investigation" (with Stefano Galavotti, Rupert Sausgruber and Paola Valbonesi). Marco Fanno working paper, 153. Experimental Economics, 20(1), 70-99.

February 2017. "Voting as a Lottery" (with Giuseppe Attanasi and Francesco Passarelli). Journal of Public Economics, 146, 129-137.

January 2017. "Unpacking the Determinants of Life Satisfaction: a Survey Experiment" (with Viola Angelini and Marco Bertoni). Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - A, 180(1), 225-246.

August 2015. "Donor Coordination in Project Funding: Evidence from a Threshold Public Goods Experiment" (with Christopher Cotton and Paola Valbonesi). Journal of Public Economics, 128, 16-29.

June 2015. "Public Good Provision, Punishment and the Endowment Origin: Experimental Evidence" (with Armenak Antinyan and Daniel Neururer). Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 56, 72-77.

April 2015. "Economic Behavior under Alcohol Influence: An Experiment on Time, Risk, and Social Preferences" (with Antonio Filippin and Paolo Vanin). Plos One, 10(4), e0121530. [Media briefing, The Atlantic,  Link].

March 2015"Life Satisfaction of Immigrants: Does Cultural Assimilation Matter?" (with Viola Angelini and Laura Casi). Journal of Population Economics, 28(3), 817-844. [Media briefing, Centro Studi "Luca D'Agliano", Link, and,  Link].

October 2014. "Do Danes and Italians Rate Life Satisfaction in the Same Way? Using Vignettes to Correct for Individual-Specific Scale Biases" (with Viola Angelini, Danilo Cavapozzi and Omar Paccagnella). Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 76(5), 643-666. [Media briefing, Development Impact blog, World Bank. Link]

August 2014. "Risk Aversion, Over-Confidence and Private Information as Determinants of Majority Thresholds" (with Giuseppe Attanasi, Nikolaos Georgantzis and Francesco Passarelli). Pacific Economic Review, 19(3), 355-386.

July 2014 "Elections and Deceptions: an Experimental Study on the Behavioral Effects of Democracy" (with Sebastian Kube, Michel André Maréchal and Antonio Nicoló). American Journal of Political Science, 58(3), 579-592. [Media briefing, AJPS blog. Link]

February 2014. "Reference Dependent Preferences, Hedonic Adaptation and Tax Evasion: Does the Tax Burden Matter?" (with Michele Bernasconi and Raffaello Seri). Journal of Economic Psychology, 40, 103-118.


May 2012. "Influential Listeners: An Experiment on Persuasion Bias in Social Networks" (with Filippo Pavesi, Beatrice Petrovich and Luca Stanca). European Economic Review, 56(6), 1276-1288.


March 2012. "Reign in Hell or Serve in Heaven? A Cross-country Journey into the Relative vs Absolute Perceptions of Wellbeing" (with Lucio Esposito and Francesca Majorano). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 81(3), 715-730.


January 2012. "Age, Health and Life Satisfaction Among Older Europeans" (with Viola Angelini, Danilo Cavapozzi and Omar Paccagnella). Social Indicators Research, 105(2), 293-308.


March 2011. "Exploring the Absolutist Vs Relativist Perception of Poverty Using a Cross-Country Questionnaire Survey" (with Lucio Esposito and Francesca Majorano). Journal of Economic Psychology, 32(2), 273-283.


September 2010. "A Prize to Give for: An Experiment on Public Good Funding Mechanisms" (with Marco Faravelli and Luca Stanca). Economic Journal, 120(547), 944-967. [Media briefing, Royal Economic Society. Link]


September 2009. "Testing Theories of Reciprocity: Does Motivation Matter?" (with Luca Stanca and Luigino Bruni). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 71(2), 233-245.


July 2009. "Two are Better than One! Individuals’ Contributions to Unpacked Public Goods" (with Michele Bernasconi, Sebastian Kube and Michel André Maréchal). Economics Letters, 104(1), 31-33.


April 2008. "Unequal Contributions from Symmetric Agents in a Local Interaction Model" (with Ugo Gianazza). Journal of Public Economic Theory, 10(3), 351–370.


August 2007. "Herding, Social Preferences and (Non-)Conformity” (with Ben Greiner). Economics Letters, 97(1), 74-80.


 Working Papers


March 2016. "Relative Standing and Temporary Migration: Empirical Evidence from the South Caucasus" (with Armenak Antinyan). LIUC papers (Economia ed Impresa 79), 2016/293.

October 2015. "The Causal Effect of Paternal Unemployment on Children's Personality" (with Viola Angelini and Marco Bertoni). SOEPpapers 795-2015. [Media briefing, die Welt. Link].

June 2015. "Life Satisfaction and Endogenous Aspirations" (with Marco Bertoni). SOEPpapers 761-2015. [Media briefing, die Welt am Sonntag. Link]. [NEW VERSION HERE!]

October 2014. "Measuring the Behavioral Component of Financial Fluctuations: an Analysis Based on the S&P 500" (with Massimiliano Caporin and Michele Costola). CREATES Research Paper, 2014-33. [NEW VERSION!]

March 2014. "Are Taxes Beautiful? A Survey Experiment on Information, Tax Choice and Perceived Adequacy of the Tax Burden" (with Lorenzo Abbiati and Armenak Antinyan). IWQW discussion paper, 02/2014.

September 2013. "Do Immigrants Make Us Safer? A Model on Crime, Immigration and the labour Market" (with Thomas Bassetti, Darwin Cortes and Luca Nunziata). Revised version of the Marco Fanno working paper, 121.




Other Publications


December 2016. "Are You Satisfied Now?" (with Viola Angelini and Marco Bertoni). Significance, 13, 8-9.

September 2015. "Civil Economy and Solidarity in Latin America" (with Irene Bertana). International Journal of Happiness and Development, 2(3), 269-284.

April 2015. "Preference for Efficiency or Confusion? A Note on a Boundedly Rational Equilibrium Approach to Individual Contributions in a Public Good Game" (with Marcelo Tyszler). Journal of Applied Mathematics, article ID 961930, 8 pages.

February 2014. "Measuring the Impact of Behavioural Choices on the Market Prices" (with Massimiliano Caporin and Michele Costola). In "Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Sciences and Finance," edited by Perna, C. and M. Sibillo. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland.

June 2013. "Evasione Fiscale: Lezioni dall'Economia Comportamentale." In "Evoluzione e Riforma dell'Intervento Pubblico - Scritti in Onore di Gilberto Muraro." Giappichelli Editore, Torino.

March 2013. "‘Expressive’ Obligations in Public Good Games: Crowding-in and Crowding-out Effects" (with Michele Bernasconi and Anna Marenzi). Research in Economics, 67(1), 13-24.

November 2012. "Anonymous Contributions as Reciprocating Behavior. A Model with Individual Thresholds." In “Economics at Work,” edited by Bassetti, T. and F. Pavesi, Monte Università Parma Editore.

October 2012. "Economia Sperimentale.” In “Economia e Finanza," Istituto dell’Enciclopedia Italiana "Treccani."

March 2011. "Common Fate, Game Harmony and Contributions to Public Goods: Experimental Evidence" (with Robert Sugden). International Review of Economics, 58(1), 43-52.

November 2010. "Social Capital and Growth in Brazilian Municipalities" (with Matteo Grazzi and Marcella Nicolini). In "Economic Growth, Innovation and Competitiveness in a Knowledge-Based World Economy" edited by Nijkamp, P. and I. Siedschlag, “Advances in Spatial Science” series, Springer.


March 2006. "Reciprocità Sociale, Fiducia Diffusa e Crescita Economica." In "Teoria economica e relazioni interpersonali. Verso il paradigma relazionale in economia", edited by Zamagni, S. and P. L. Sacco, Il Mulino, Bologna.


August 2003. "Alle basi del comportamento economico: puro egoismo o altruismo?" (with Francesco Passarelli). In "Lecco Economia," n. 3.

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