Home Page of Luca Corazzini
"Be the change you want to observe" (M. K. Gandhi)

Welcome to my home page!

I was born on the 30th of March, 1976, in Modena and I grew up in a very nice city in the center of Italy, Pescara.

Then, in 1995, I moved to Milan to study Economics at Bocconi University. After my undergraduate studies, I decided to stop at Bocconi for some more years to attend a MSc in Economics and complete a PhD in International Law and Economics (2005). In 2009, I also received a PhD in Economics at the School of Social Science - University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK) under the amazing supervision of Robert Sugden.

I am a Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Venice, "Ca' Foscari". Previously, I was Full Professor at the Department of Economics of the University of Messina and Associate Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and Management "M. Fanno" of the University of Padova. I am also Research Fellow at the ISLABocconi University. Finally, I am affiliated to the following research institutions and experimental laboratories: CERMEBELSS, Bocconi University; BLESS, University of Bologna

I also spent some visiting periods at international institutions. In September 2016, I was visiting the Economic Department at the Queen's University in Kingston, Canada, as John Weatherall Distinguished Fellow. In 2011, I spent 5 months (since January to June) at the Department of Economics of the University of Miami as Visiting Professor in Economics.

I have the privilege to serve as President of GuardAvanti, an Italian NGO involved in projects aimed at improving the life conditions of children in developing countries.

My research interests include the determinants of voluntary contributions to public goods and social projects, determinants of life satisfaction, behavioral public choice, experimental economics and microeconometrics.

I am married to Laura (the best finding of my life) since June 2005. Since December 2007 and November 2010, Filippo and Benedetta, two angels fallen down from heaven, take care of us. We live together in Milan.

Apart from studying agents' behavior in their daily-life situations, I love trekking, travelling and (of course) reading.