12/04/2020 MAJOR UPDATE!!

After much debate and discussion we will not be able to provide a Group Night Club Card for the 2021 season as originally intended. We are facing the following challenges:

  • Night Pass is only valid after 1/4/2021 and then subject to Black Out Dates 1/16/21, 1/17/21, 1/18/21, 2/13/21 and 2/14/21

  • Reduced hours at all mountains: 4-10pm Thursday -Saturday at Liberty and only until 9pm at Roundtop.

  • No group night ski

  • Individual reservations required prior to arrival.

  • No LTRC Advisors on site at anytime.

  • No access to Resort or dining with out a reservation.

  • And finally, MD and PA Travel restrictions that require a covid-19 negative test prior to visiting the state.

With the challenges above we do not see the benefit of a Night Tracker Pass being provided by our Club this year. As a Club leader, I do not feel it is the right thing to market and promote our members traveling out of state. I know this is disappointing. We all work very hard to provide this Club for the children and community. Let’s look forward to the 2022 Snow Club Season, everyone’s health, smart decisions and hope Science prevails against Covid-19.

Welcome to LTRC Snow Club

Hope to see you in 2022!

For over 20 years, LTRC Snow Club has been providing middle and high school students in the Lutherville-Timonium and surrounding area the opportunity to go on trips to Liberty, Roundtop, and Whitetail after school during the winter season. In the past years, we have provided transportation to the resorts via charter bus. Middle school trips were on Tuesday nights and high school trips were on Friday nights.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year is going to be significantly different from all previous years from the LTRC side, and from the Resort side. We will not be able to offer transportation to the resorts for the 2021 season.

Vail Resorts (the owner of Liberty, Roundtop, and Whitetail resorts) has decided to offer a Group Night Club Card, similar to past years. This will be a straight-to-slopes card, similar to season passes! Please take note of the many changes related to covid-19 that the resorts are implementing to keep everyone safe.

2021 Winter Experience

From Vail Resorts

"To further prioritize the health and safety of our employees and guests in response to COVID-19, we have re-imagined the resort experience. Our approach to safety will be consistent across our family of resorts to provide you with a familiar and comfortable experience regardless of where you choose to recreate."

2021 Night Club Program

From Liberty

  • Due to restrictions around Covid19, club advisors, parents, & students will not be allowed to remain in the lodge for the evening. Masks will be required. Club members will need to gear up outside and plan to spend the evening on the snow. Please store all personal items in your vehicle as cubbies and/or lockers will be very limited. Limited food options will be available in our food court with admittance by reservation only.

  • Reservation is required prior to arrival. More details about the reservation system will come at a later date.

  • Hours are limited this year. There will be less night skiing offered this year.

  • LTRC Snow Club will provide you with a link and a club ID number to register online for the product you wish to purchase.

  • Payment & a signed waiver will need to be provided to LTRC Snow Club. Online purchasing and waivers will not be allowed this year.

  • LTRC Snow Club will pick up the cards and distribute them to their club members