Transport Phenomena in Complex Fluids

Dr. Teo(dor) Burghelea, CNRS researcher, HDR



Laboratoire de Thermique et Energie de Nantes (LTeN) UMR CNRS 6607, Polytech'Nantes

La Chantrerie, Rue Christian PAUC, BP 50609

44 306 NANTES Cedex 03

Tel : + (33) - (0)2 40 68 31 85


  • Teo and Juliana will attend the AERC 2019 meeting in Portoroz, Slovenia. It would be nice if Teo would start thinking about his talk on mixing...
  • Our paper entitled "Stopping of a solid object in an elasto-viscoplastic material" has just been accepted for publication in the Journal of Non Newtonian Fluid MEchanics. Congratulations and thanks to all contributors: Dominique Tarlet, Eliane Younes, St├ęphane Roux and Arthur Levy. Good job fellows!
  • Since October 2018, we are getting more and more interested in numerical simulations with Gerris... It is quite amazing what this code developed by Dr. St├ęphane Popinet can do...! Have a look at some cool sample below.