LRHS English Handbook

Welcome to the Leesville Road High School English Handbook.  
  • Are your paragraphs lacking a claim? Are they unorganized? See ACE Paragraph.
  • Worried about breaking the honor code as you write your research paper? Tired of copying and pasting from Wikipedia? See Avoiding Plagiarism.
  • Not sure about the difference between "number" and "amount" or "to, too, two"? See Confusing Words.
  • Did your teacher ask you to complete an outline? Are your multi-paragraph papers unorganized and unclear? See Outlines.
  • Uncertain about what your MLA-formatted headers and page numbers looks like? See Model Texts.
  • Are your sentences boring? Do you lack a voice in your writing? Not sure what your teacher means by "syntax"? See Sentence Variety/Syntax.
  • Do you have strong research and outstanding quotes to use in your paper? See Using Citations.
  • Did your teacher ask you to do a Works Cited page, and you are confused? See Works Cited.