The Loxahatchee Guild was founded and organized in March of 1981 by Mrs. Anna D.L. Minear, under the name of the Loxahatchee Museum Guild. the purpose of the Guild ha sbeen to support and assist the Loxahatchee River Historical Society in raising funds  for the construction and maintenance of its facilities, acquisition and restoration of historical structures and educational programs.

The Guild prides itself on its dedication and commitment to the future of our community through the preservation of its artifacts,so rich in historical value. the Guild has sponsored an annual Gala since 1982 to benefit the Loxahatchee River Historical Society. The first three Galas were sponsored by Mrs. Henry Reed and held at her beautiful estate on the Loxahatchee river. The Gala then moved on to other sites and formats to become one of the three major benefits in the community.

In March of 1990 the Museum opened its first permanent exhibit, "history shaped by nature", a state-of-the-art showcase for local artifacts from our collection. the Guild assumed $100,000.00 of the financial responsibility for the completion of this project and paid off the obligation in 1991. Since 1981 the Guild has provided well over a half million dollars to the Historical Society, solely through the proceeds of the annual Gala and its largest non-governmental contributor.

These accomplishments were due to the loyalty and commitment of the Guild members. We are also proud of the generosity we have inspired in the business community of local merchants, professionals and corporations without whom our high level of success would not have been possible.

The pride that we have felt in the building of the "Cracker Style" Museum on U.S. One in Jupiter has now taken a giant leap forward with the opening of the former "Barracks Building" as the  Museum's new headquarters. Its relocation on the grounds of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse has redirected its growth not only geographically but as a major educational campus and cultural center. The acquisition of the barracks building as the new  Museum opened the door to the centralization  of our historical focus an d allowed the Guild to move forward with its on-going Tindall House project. With a seven year effort behind them, the Guild was finally able to witness the heart-thumping spectacle of the Tindall House making its thrilling journey across the U.S. One bridge to its new home in Lighthouse Park on April 1st of 2007.

An important part of history is the effort exerted by our Guild members to bring this project to fruition. It's been an exercise in heart, mind, dedication and muscle to open this lovely old house to visitors, especially the children with whom we want to share the lifestyle of our early pioneers.



The Jupiter Lighthouse

The Dubois House in Jupiter
The Dubois House in Jupiter