Collaborative Conservation

With regard to the need for collaborative conservation efforts by diverse interests, in 2017 we helped to form the Lower San Pedro Collaborative, a neutrally facilitated association of about 20 different groups and agencies who have a major interest in the lower San Pedro watershed. As a participating member in the Collaborative, we see that this association is making some progress in building relationships and cooperative efforts among the various participating groups. However, the challenges we face in the lower San Pedro watershed often require immediate and effective legal action, especially during this era when there is a movement to undermine laws and Acts of Congress that protect ecological sustainability.

Hope does not spring from standing on the sidelines wishing that things will get better while conditions drift toward ecological degradation. Hope springs from action. As a result, our collaborations with other activist conservation groups have been critical to addressing our mission. We actively collaborate with other groups on issues related to water resources, mining, protection of critical habitat, climate change, and large-scale development, all in an effort to respond to major ecological threats to our watershed and to the planet as a whole.

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