2 Meters

147.195 MHz

Offset: Pos

CTCSS: 100Hz

70 Centimeters

449.575 MHz

Offset: Neg

CTCSS: 100Hz

The Club repeaters are located inside a small shack atop Namaqua Hill, west of Loveland.

Both the 2m Vertex VXR 7000 repeater and the 70cm VXR7000 are controlled via an Linux Asterisk server and RTCM controllers. The RTCM controllers/VoIP interfaces allow the repeaters to be linked if needed to the NCARC/CSU/RM Ham IP backbone. This allows us to link any analog repeater within the above backbone and also provides a backup source for IP addressing for our Winlink system.

Winlink 2K node (WØLRA-10) on 145.070 MHz AX.25