2 Meters
147.195 MHz
Offset: Pos
CTCSS: 100Hz

70 Centimeters
449.575 MHz
Offset: Neg
CTCSS: 100Hz

The Club repeaters are located inside a small shack atop Namaqua Hill, west of Loveland.

The 2m Kenwood VXR 7000 repeater is controlled via an S-Com 7K repeater controller. The 70cm is also a Kenwood VXR-7000 running with it's internal identifier.

The Club is in the process of installing RTCM controller/VoIP interfaces to each repeater and a microwave link to the NCARC/CSU/RM Ham IP backbone.  This project will allow us to have a backup source for IP addressing for our Winlink system.  As part of this project, we will be overhauling the 12VDC backup power system.

Winlink 2K node (WØLRA-10) on 145.070 MHz AX.25

Packet Digipeater (WØLRA) on 145.010 MHz AX.25

APRS Digipeater (KØUT) on 144.390 MHz APRS