Games Uniting Mind and Body (GUMBO) is an interscholastic track and field competition designed for children ages 5 to 18 years of age who have physical or visual disabilities. The events are not unlike those at any other track and field event: races, shot put, discus, etc. What makes GUMBO different is the fact that all of the athletes have mobility or visual impairments and most compete with leg braces, wheelchairs, or assistance from sighted guides. The athletes competing in GUMBO are not intellectually disabled. Eligibility for competition comes from having a physical disability or visual impairment and athletes compete with athletes who have similar or like impairments.
   GUMBO strives to support students with disabilities by developing active minds, self-confidence, dignity, discipline, competitive spirit and comradeship. Like other competitive sporting events GUMBO competitions challenge athletes to improve performance, strength, speed, endurance and coordination. For more information click on the FAQs below.