Lost In Worship Album

Jesus had us take a break from book writing, to instead create a Lost In Worship album with 13 original songs!

Lost in Worship is a combination of Scott Brooks on acoustic guitar and vocals with David Brooks featured on improvisational C-flute on twelve of the songs and improvisational Native American flute on the fifth song. Hence 13 songs with David on improvisational flute on every one of them! So, thank you David for your flute playing! And, thank you Ann (Brooks) for creating the album cover!

Before telling you more about the album - including what others think of it, where you can purchase it, and a fuller album description, we thought you might like to first hear 30 second samples for each of the 13 tracks/songs. So, feel free to give it a listen by clicking on any song that you would like to hear. Or if you would like to hear all 13 samples, you can simply click on the first song and it will play sequentially through all 13 song samples. (You may just need to close the one pop-up window to continue to the second track.)

So, do people like this album? Here are what some people had to say about it:

Linda Beck: "I have enjoyed listening to Scott and David play music for years. Their music is so unique and interesting to me. I have liked it so much that I have tried to get them to play at open mics which they agreed to do a few times. So, when I learned that they were going to record the album, I got so very excited! And I am so glad that so many others now have the opportunity to enjoy their music too! My desire is that their soulful and heartfelt music would help many towards a wonderful place of worship – with hearts in beautiful testament to Jesus!”

Abby Myers: "I like Lost in Worship because it is undemanding music that puts me at peace while opening space for meaningful worship."

Ann Brooks: "I really enjoy listening to Lost in Worship. I find it very relaxing. It reminds me of Heaven and helps me to worship Jesus. I also really enjoy how agape love and relational freedom are interwoven throughout the whole album."

Bonna Brooks: "I love the Lost in Worship album, because it is such soothing and worshipful music to me. I love to listen to it and it has a way of relaxing me and making me peaceful, so that I am tempted to fall asleep. I also enjoy how it looks at God and who He is, and it encourages my heart to want to love and worship Him more."

If you would like to purchase Lost in Worship, you can buy copies from us in person for $5.00 each. Alternately, at Amazon you can buy the physical CD, MP3 album, or Streaming Unlimited. And at Google Play you can buy individual tracks. Please note that we set the following prices at CDBaby (where we got it published) and CDBaby pushes the prices out to Amazon, but Amazon likes to change prices every 10 minutes. So we can't guarantee the following prices at Amazon.

And if you would like to know more about the thinking behind this album, here is the "About this Album" text we used at CDBaby where we got the album published.

I hope you find it very easy to enter into the worship of our amazing God as you listen to “Lost in Worship”!

This album has been many years in the making for both the writing of the thirteen original songs as well as growing in musicianship. The other needed element was Jesus helping me to understand more about worship. As such, here are some of the things I learned from Him that could possibly help you with your worship of Him as well.

Does God need our worship? In John 5, Jesus says that He (who is God), does not accept praise from humans. So, why in John 4 would Jesus say that the Father seeks those who would worship Him in spirit and in truth? If I start with the character of God outlined in the Bible, I see that God is completely humble and not an egotist in any way, but is instead complete in Himself (Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit). So, if He does not need our worship to feed His ego or to meet any need in Him, then why would He want us to worship Him? The short answer: “As a tremendous gift to us!” To explain…

In one of the songs I sing, “If You didn’t take the time to put me together, I simply would not be, so I owe You me.” So, my very existence is a gift from God to me. If it wasn’t for Him, I would not be! In addition to this, in another song I sing about the amazing payment of Jesus shedding His blood on the Cross so that I could be forgiven and eventually make it to Heaven where He will sustain my existence forever!

God could have created trees, animals, but not any humans. And if that was the case, then both you and I would not exist. But that Jesus took the time to create us and is willing to sustain our existence forever is absolutely amazing to me!

And if the most important thing to worship was a plant, then God would point us towards that plant as what we should worship. But it just so happens that the greatest thing is God Himself, and as such it is an incredible privilege for us to appreciate Him even a little bit. But we have no idea how great Jesus is! In fact, in a million years from now, those in Heaven will be learning even more about the wonderfulness of God!

So, to exist is amazing! And to exist forever is even more amazing! And to forever be growing in appreciation of our Creator whose greatness no one can fathom is more than icing on the cake!

“Lost in Worship” has thirteen original songs with the vocals and acoustic guitar done by me and with improv C-flute done by my son, David, on all but one song which he plays improv Native American flute instead. The two of us played out a few times at some open mics, but found that it was more difficult to worship Jesus through song when there was an audience. So, we felt guided to be studio musicians instead where we found it much easier to worship Jesus. Another thing that helped with this was to just do personal worship of the Lord without concern for how others would like the music. But instead to keep it very personal, and then later to let others listen in on the worship so as to help them to worship too. As such, the lyrics tend to be in first person instead of in third person. In other words, “I worship You, Jesus” instead of “We worship You, Jesus.”

So, I’d like to thank my son David for his flute playing contribution to the album. (Thanks, David!) I’d also like to thank my sister Linda for encouraging me for years to eventually record an album. (Thanks, Linda!) And lastly, I'd like to thank my daughter Ann for creating the album cover. (Thanks, Ann!)

So once again, I hope you find it very easy to enter into the worship of our amazing God as you listen to “Lost in Worship”!

With Jesus’ love,


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Note: The above is the exact text we used at CDBaby, but since then we wrote and published two additional books. One book is called Four in One and contains all of the four books listed above. The other book is called The Starting Point which leads the way to Four in One and is available for free in numerous forms including: web pages, audio, PDF, epub, and mobi. Four in One and The Starting Point are available at: www.BrooksFamilyStore.com

If you would like to read the lyrics and/or sing along with Lost in Worship and Lost in Worship II, then you can download and view, and optionally print the following PDF file:

Lost In Worship albums - Songbook.pdf

If you are curious as to how we created the album, we owe a debt to our friend Bill Myers who gave us great equipment recommendations. (Thanks, Bill!) So, we had the following equipment to record with:

1. Instruments: Taylor acoustic guitar, Yamaha C-flute, and a Native American flute.

2. Sterling Microphones.

3. Monster cables with gold plated connectors.

4. M-Audio Fast Track to input the audio and output it over USB.

5. Windows 7 Laptop with the M-Audio client that feeds to the ProTools SE client.

6. Recording and mastering in ProTools SE and outputting separate high fidelity .wav files. One for each track.

7. Uploading the huge .wav files to CDBaby.

So, we hope you enjoy Lost In Worship!

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With Jesus’ love,

Scott, Bonna, Ann, and David

PS As mentioned earlier, Lost in Worship is available to purchase at Amazon ... But CDBaby also distributed the album to many other places where it can be purchased as well, such as: