Math 1314 Syllabus - Spring 2014

Math 1314 Syllabus

College Algebra In-class

Section 2012 - MW 3-4:20

Professor Loris Zucca

Contact Info

Phone: (281) 312-1619

Office: CLA 200-A

Office Hrs: MW 12-1, TuTh 11-12:30 (and by appointment)




MML HW & Quizzes: 200pts

In-class Quizzes, 25 pts: 150pts

2 Tests @ 100pts each: 200pts

Final Exam 150pts

Total: 700pts

Grade Scale: 630-A, 560-B, 490-C, 420-D, <420-F

This course will be comprised of homework & quizzes done online in addition to six in-class quizzes, two tests and a Final Exam done in class. No makeups will be given if you miss one of the two in-class tests. If you miss an in-class quiz or test, its grade will be replaced a percentage of the Final Exam grade. If you do not miss an in-class quiz or test, a 3-pt curve will be added to your final course grade.

Online Component

We will be using MyMathLab (MML) is required for the homework assignments and quizzes. The Course ID you will need to register is zucca78937; go to The homework is 20% of the online grade (it’s meant more as practice) and the quizzes are worth 80%. This semester I will be piloting a new text so MML and the ebook will be provided for free by the publisher. There is no need to buy the actual text but if you want it for reference, see below for more info. You should easily find it used online; the Lone Star bookstores will not be selling it. Please note that MML contains the e-book, videos, online tutorial help, animations, and of course all of the homework and quizzes.


Test 1: Feb 12

Test 2: Mar 24

Test 3: May 7

Test 1 and 2 will cover only the material since the previous one; the Final Exam is comprehensive. Calculators will only be used for the parts of sections 6.3-6.8 that require one. They will not be allowed on the first two tests and will only be allowed for part of the Final, so do not use them to do the homework aside from on the sections stated above.


Attendance is expected of those students who wish to do well in the course. I generally do not drop students for poor attendance unless they are absent for more than 4 days, in which case I might drop them. If you intend to drop, go through the proper procedure to do so.

Academic Integrity. Any student caught cheating in any manner will be dropped from the course. Cell phone use in class is strictly forbidden during tests. Turn yours off; “vibrate mode” is not enough. Students using cell phones excessively during class will be docked 5 points per infraction and may be subject to being dropped from the course. Punctuality is important, as is staying the entire length of the class. Leaving early without informing me (before class) of your intention to do so is considered

disrespectful. In addition, students with discipline problems will be dropped from the course.

A simple scientific calculator is all that’s required; graphing calculators are allowed. Pencils are required for all work handed in.

I do not give sympathy grades. If you need a certain grade to satisfy degree, financial-aid, or personal requirements, the time to start working is now. I will do everything within reason that I can to help you make a certain grade in this course, but you must do most of the work.

This is a college-level course, and I expect my students to have a good grasp of the material presented in prerequisite courses. If you do not have the prerequisites or do not intend to study diligently for this course, please consider dropping it now and signing up for another class. The class is run in an informal way and I try to make it as pleasant an experience as possible without sacrificing course material. A well-rounded knowledge of Intermediate Algebra is needed for College Algebra, so please review the first chapter and old texts if you need a refresher at any time during the course.

Suggestions on how to do well: Ask questions in class; get tutoring or see me if you need help; don’t get behind; do all the homework; work together with other students in the class; don’t overload yourself with school or work; study at least 12 hours outside of class for this course; Kill your TV and/or video-game console, Facebook addiction, etc!!


Textbook: College Algebra, by Michael Sullivan, 9th edition, ISBN: 978-0-321-71681-1

Math 1314 is a 3 credit course.

Prerequisite: MATH 0310 or placement by testing


    • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of properties of functions, including domain and range, operations, compositions, inverses and piecewise defined functions.
    • Recognize, graph and apply polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, logarithmic and absolute value functions and solve related equations.
    • Apply graphing techniques.
    • Evaluate all roots of higher degree polynomial and rational functions.
    • Recognize, solve and apply systems of linear equations using matrices.
    • Solve absolute value, polynomial and rational inequalities.